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Comment Re:McAfee is an attention whore loser (Score 0) 84

It seems that he actually has an interesting story beyond the usual attention whore "Oops, I had sex while a camera was pointed at me and now it's everywhere."

No, instead this guy is the "Hey, the gubament/authorities are always out to get me in a big conspiracy" attention whore. This guy has cried wolf too many times, already. I wouldn't be surprised if he deliberately set the fire himself.

Comment Re:Brain Dead Action Trumps Philosophy & Ethic (Score 4, Insightful) 514

When was Trek EVER "about philosophy, ethics, tolerance, gray areas and real world problems?"

Seriously, what fucking alternate universe did you watch Star Trek in?

I guess you never watched TOS or NG. Episodes brought to light issues that paralleled the prevailing topics of the time such as racism, transgender, homosexuality, bi-racial relationships, the cold war, what defines humanity, etc, etc, etc.

Comment JJ Abrams reboot sucks (Score 1) 514

What Abrams did with the Star Trek Franchise was use all young/beautiful actors to portray the characters, use modern movie special effects, and take away most of the science that was usually the hallmark of the series (note: I said USUALLY) and replaced it with a lot of fast-paced action sequences. This may make the reboots "Cool" in the public consciousness but for me, the reboot was totally mindless and boring. I'll wait until the second movie in the reboot is available on That's right, I wouldn't even pay to see it on streaming video. I can't wait to see the disaster the JJ Abrams makes of the upcoming Star Wars trilogy, a la Disney. I'm sure I'll get down-modded by any ST-Reboot fanz here and I don't care. I like the old school ST...ST-TOS and ST-NG. Now, get off my lawn!

Comment Re:Let me guess (Score 1) 193

There is no way Fox is cancelling COPS and launching Cosmos. Expect the execs there to come to their senses pretty quickly and replace this with a reality show following the lives of transsexual meth-addicted circus performers.

Sadly, I'm inclined to agree with you. Anything that is smart and geeky, even if it dressed up with the wit and style of deGrasse Tyson, will be deemed too cerebral by Fox execs. They will move the show to an odd timeslot, the ratings will summarily drop, and then they will cancel the show, citing low ratings.

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