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Comment Re:Easy to answer. (Score 1) 366

Indeed...and most of the population fails to understand the concept of open source or how something that is freely available and isn't commercial and proprietary can be any good. Its also hard for people to understand exactly what Linux is when there are more than a half dozen desktop environments for it. Most people identify Windows 7, Windows 8 or OSX by how they look and act on the surface, not by what's under the hood.

Comment an abomination (Score 1) 329

I HATED the JJ Abrams reboot of Star Trek. Now he's teaming up with Disney to do the next Star Wars trilogy? I'll pass. In fact, I'll wait until its available on Amazon Prime AND at a low price...and that probably wont happen soon since Disney has a deal with Netflix. As for Harrison Ford, I respect him but The Crystal Skull was an abomination in an otherwise excellent Indiana Jones franchise. Can't he see that this new Star Wars trilogy will sink as low, if not lower?

Comment LibreOffice (Score 1) 361

At home, all I have is LibreOffice. I used it through all of my time as a Computer Science major in grad school. The word processing and spreadsheet software was up to snuff for all the work I needed to do. The presentation software (Powerpoint equivalent), not so much. At work, I'm forced to use MS Office 2007/2010. I've been using it infrequently for a year but every time I see the Ribbon interface, I'm totally lost and frustrated. Doing things as simple as an Undo is a chore. I'll take LibreOffice over MSOffice any day, except when doing slide presentations.

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