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Comment Research... (Score 1) 376

Just because you are searching on odd things does not make you want to commit them, maybe you are researching for a book.
You would want the book to be realistic as possible.

Maybe someone is acting supicious and you think you might be slowly poisoned or something like that. You would definately want to look up why and how someone is doing this.

There are many reasons to search information on the web and it is not always to harm/hurt or even idle curiosity.

Comment Re:constructive activities? (Score 2) 515

Ok, on my smarphone our family uses the GPS for geocaching.

On our PS3 on their browser my children went on the internet and learned how to dance the minuet. My children are music students that have been able to play minuet on various instruments for years but recently they learned how to dance the minuet.
Of course you can have constructive activities on smartphones and gaming consoles.

Comment Re:How will the system work? (Score 1) 455

From the chart it looks like they don't take into account there is this crazy thing called a "Backyard Garden" Granted you have to buy seeds but some vegetables will come up year after year without buying new seeds. Also how can they track how much produce the garden will produce depends on weather and how well you tend to the garden.

Comment Survey says... (Score 5, Funny) 532

Some Creepy old guy walks up to a group of kids.
Creepy old guy looks at kid using his iPhone

Creepy old guy: Can you play xbox with your iPhone?
Kid with iPhone: No

Creepy old guy looks at kid using his Android.

Creepy old guy: Can you play xbox with your Android?
Kid with Android: I don't think so.

Headline: Young People soured on the iPhone and find the Android baffling.

Comment 3DS are smaller than the DSiXL (Score 1) 83

I was looking at the 3DS and was very surprised how it is smaller than a DSiXL. 3DS is the size of a DSi regular. The only new feature is that it has 3D without a glasses which in my mind means that it is blurry and you need to look at it carefully from one direction, maybe this is not the case but it is smaller than the current lastest greatest. I thought new models are supposed to be getting better not worst.

Probably not going to run right out and get one of these.

Comment Re:Not pointless.. (Score 1) 120

It has been very hard in the past for members of the deceased to close down their social networking accounts, or even post a message with the funeral information. This law should give them the ability to manage the accounts accordingly.

Yes but..maybe Facebook should be more proactive and make some kind of a living will setting or something...I agree it would be super creepy but better than trying to deal with legislator with each state/province/country.

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