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Submission + - Dependency Injection book-- a Developer Must-Read! (

RickJWagner writes: "Manning has just published "Dependency Injection" by Dhanji R. Prasanna. I highly recommend this book for anyone working in a language that lends itself to DI.

If you're not yet a DI user, you need to read this book! Dependency Injection leads to more modular code and easier testing, among other blessings.

If you're already a DI user, you owe it to yourself to listen to the sage advice of Mr. Prasanna. This man knows his business, and he offers many best practices and considerations for writing great code in a variety of environments. (For example, he has sections dealing with AOP, multi-threading, authoring frameworks, etc.) This book is really a best-practice guide for software development in the guise of DI text.

Check it out! This one makes my favorites list."

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