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Comment Re:I keep trying (Score 1) 483

Do you claim that an integrated package manager that can even handle dependency-checking for the ENTIRE system (even recompiling it entirely with different cflags in the case of portage) is the same as a program you6 have to download and install yourself? If you don't, then it's not really goalpost shifting. If you do, then allow me to rephrase:

Package Management for grownups

Additionally, what if MS decides to change the way programs are allowed to behave yet again? (I'm not saying this is necessarily a bad thing) Are you sure your package management solution will still be working? I couldn't care less if the manufacturer is Microsoft, Apple, a community project or satan, I just want to be sure that it will work in a predictable and integrated fashion for a lot of time. Windows, with its proprietary format and dependence on the capabilities and priorities of a SINGLE company doesn't really offer that.

Comment Re:I must be getting old (Score 1) 284

...and FOSS being the sane choice for the most hostile company towards it doesn't qualify as success? Do I need to remind you of their past EEE and FUD strategies against it?
I mean, other than all the community goodness and hacker ethics and what-have-you, we DO want to actually make a living by FOSS, no?
Plus, it is kind of ridiculous for Microsoft to continue their claims that the GPL is not enforcable, or viral, or financially unprofitable when they use it themselves. These do sound like successes to me.

Comment Re:Rejoice! (Score 2, Interesting) 380

A more careful reading of 1984 would help you realise that Orwell believes that the class war is ultimately circular, with the rising of a middle class which grows powerful enough to be the upper class, no matter which political system is applied, be it medieval mercadillism, capitalism, communism, the fictional Tao or whatever. Also, Emmanuel Goldstein is the "enemy" his loyalties and beliefs the target of the propaganda of the Socialist State. I.e. when Oceania is at war with Anatolasia, he is supposedly "taoist"
Literary inaccuracies addressed, even if you were right, that doesn't change the fact that cheap labour in an oppressive communist state is exploited by rich capitalists in an economically imperial state and that the rest of the world sees the inequalities created by this system and despises the state that harbours them. Your attack is on my analogy, not on my argument and its worth is mostly philological.

Comment Rejoice! (Score 1) 380

Americans rejoice as the exploitation of cheap workers in far away oppressive countries makes filthy rich investors who happen to live closer, rather than further. The rest of the world's feelings about economic imperialism and the resentment these inequalities create are the products of Emmanuel Goldstein

Submission + - Water on the Dark Side of the Moon (

pm_rat_poison writes: A very important discovery, which sheds light on our solar system and opens up the way for human extra-terrestrial permanent settlements occurred today, as a result of the efforts of the LCROSS mission: A "significant" amount of water was discovered on a crater on the Dark Side of the Moon, supported by multiple lines of evidence.

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