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Comment The other half of HFT (Score 1) 443

Is they bring near unlimited liquidity to the market. They also don't move valuation, and they only compete against themselves to make the market more liquid thus reducing the actual profits they are "siphoning off the top". It's a race to the bottom alright, the bottom of HFT profits. Or do you'll believe that if they achieve another few order of magnitude of frequency, suddenly they'll drain the entire market of all it's value in a single day?

Comment Missing from the summary. (Score 2) 144

1) The object's mass
2) The object's theoretical weight difference at the different locations
3) The error bounds on the measurement.

Without any of this, I have no idea if this is shocking news, or merely expected. And I'm on slash dot, while it might be contained within the article, I don't come here to RTFA.

Comment No, No, No (Score 1) 498

There is NOTHING hard about keeping up with technology in a workforce. At the low end are drafters who make around 35,000$ per year in salary alone. A brand power desktop every year would cost the company only 2,000$, thats less than 6% of the salary cost (probably under 3% of the actual total overhead cost) of the employee. If an average engineer makes 75,000$ that translates to 2.7% of his pay. These figures are absolutely inconsequential. The problem lies entirely with management that believes they are "saving" a little money by making a 75,000$ engineer work on a 15" screen on a computer that's 5 years old.

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