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Comment want freedom in user experience? use Linux (Score 1) 449

'However, there exists another key to Apple's success: its products are built around giving people freedom in the user experience. Apple lets you figure out how best to make use of their handhelds. The App Store is a beautiful demonstration of this--it's all about choosing what you want to do with your iPhone or iPad, and not being badgered into using them in a particular way.'

this guy is either drinking too much of the Apple flavored Kool-Aid, has some sort of favored tech journalist status with Apple, or completely clueless. A hermetically sealed walled garden community of Apple blessed apps running on hardware that is also hermetically sealed?

I'll take a Samsung Galaxy running Android 2.2 any day over an iPad running a watered down version of OS X

Comment Rhizome (Score 1) 437

I had a similar run in with Rhizome, the uber-hipster online art journal, around 5 years ago. They published a photo I had used for artist promotion which I had appropriated from an old IBM computer mainframe ad. A women who worked there found my promo photo on the Interwebz and used it as an opening picture for some dumbass article she wrote. When I confronted her about it she gave me some clueless arrogant hipster-speak about the photo being open source because she found it online. I wouldn't have minded if she had given attribution but it was coupled with an article that had nothing to do with me or my work and she never asked if it were OK to use it. Needless to say she is no longer at Rhizome. May her hipster-ass rot in soccer mom hell.

Comment remember the Marshall Plan... (Score 3, Insightful) 160

...which was merely a way for the US to quickly expand its markets into a war torn Europe while busting unions to keep labor cheap and subverting at all costs to keep capitalism expanding - not only did the US make money on WWII but it made even more by 'rebuilding' Europe and installing our corporations and military everywhere it could

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