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Comment Re:How do you determine healthy food? (Score 1) 455

What I really cannot understand is why people DO NOT EXERCICE!!!

We do need carbs just as much as we need to exercice. If you don't do the former, you'll need to lower your carbs ingest.

And now that we are at it (not related to your comment) Why is everybody against pasta? And that's pasta alone, not dressings or whatever. Make sure you'll have time to burn those carbs (eat them in the breakfast or lunch) and it's a perfectly healthy food.


Comment IT... (Score 1) 396

What about support from the IT department? It surely is easier to make sure laptops (if they're the same model) work properly and are easier to repair as well.

There are many things to take into account when you are talking about spending money ;)

Anyway, at my company our developers have all laptops as they need to take work home sometimes. On the other hand, the designers have all desktops...

Comment Re:Why the hype? (Score 1) 126

And maybe the single core performance is way more than enough to most of users?

I'm running a laptop with a Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 and the performance for my day to day use is absolutely satisfactory. I rather add more cpus than raw power per core and have a better multitasking/multi-threaded aproach


Comment Re:Respecting freedom (Score 1) 510

That sounds exactly as a total free market which, you know, has shown us that doesn't work that well.

It sounds great in theory but we humans are kind of stupid as a whole therefore we should take measures to prevent abuses/monopolies/lose of rights that might happen in the future.

As I usually think in life: the middle ground is probably the best answer


Comment Re:So Long Novell (Score 1) 202

It's hard to believe that the hardware kept working for 19 years, particularly the hard drives, but just as surprising the power supply (which tends to suck in so much dust and lint that they eventually die from overheating). The cooling fans also tend to give up the ghost after about 5 years as well.

I'm more interested in how you backed up the server to USB when all of the computers were made before USB ports existed.

You'd be surprised of how robust things were 20-25 years ago. I had to check the server on a small health care center in my home town and it was a simple i386 that had been running non-stop for *several* years. I even recall the green screen having text *written* on it due to being on without a screen saver.

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