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Comment Re:Intel? (Score 1) 352

Caution. "Just Google search" can cause an ugly problem of cyclic recurrence. How?

Many times my searches result in some obscure forum where desired content is only mentioned. And when I question about where to look for the content, someone speaks (and generally in a arrogant manner) "search on Google". But what is the point of search on Google if you already have arrived in the forum exactly as result from seeking on google?

Comment Re:It isn't Windows 8 I find to be the barrier... (Score 1) 269

a) secure boot can be easily disabled within bios/uefi on all x86 units, which is all current Windows 8 desktops, all current windows 8 laptops, and a big chunk of the windows 8 tablets too.* So if you drag in a working windows 8 pc, they can boot their favorite live cd with minimal effort.

For now...

Comment Is all about details (Score 1) 338

I already have enough experience to say with some confidence: One of the major problems of current systems (and especially the installers, as the author of the topic described) is the lack of attention to detail.

If software X works in the environment Y, the author assumes that X is ready to be distributed. But what happens when the environment is Y + 0.45? Failure. Because X software never considered the possibility of Y not being exactly Y.

But NOOOO, is so "uncool" to spend time covering details, right? After all, "Works on my rig"(tm)

Comment Right idea, wrong target (Score 4, Insightful) 609

The problem is not the cut itself, but where the cut is being made. Remember news reports that the U.S. government spends more on air conditioning for troops in Afghanistan than the entire budget of NASA?

Does not that then suggests that the government should cut back on military spending? But no, they prefer to cut NASA's budget. After the priority is to blow people and clog the banksters with money.

Comment Re:Just another way to bash someone's success (Score 1) 422

your autistic friend may seem indifferent to it, but only because he doesn't realize that you are sad. If you tell him you are sad, or show it more overtly so he picks up on it, he will try to console

Exact. Remember when speaking with an "aspie" (like myself) that the famous "body language" and "you should know that no one speak," do not work. The best thing you do is be direct, say what you really think or feel rather than wait for the aspie try to guess what you're really trying to say.

Comment Re:Just another way to bash someone's success (Score 1) 422

I am a asperger, and I do not lack empathy. What differs from me to "normal people" is that I show my empathy in a very different way, I are unable to pretend empathy as our society demands and therefore I only demonstrate when trully feel empathy for someone or something.

The psychopath is basically unable to put "the other" in the balance when he decides something, he always decides for personal gain even if it costs he lives of others and he is a master in deceiving others, while aspergers like me have serious difficulties to interact with people.

Comment Hum... (Score 1) 243

From TFA:

...The gene is highly active in the regions of the brain that control language learning and decision making, indicating that it may play a significant role in the higher brain functions that make humans, well, human.

Recalling my experience when trying to socialize with people so far, I believe this gene in a significant proportion of humanity works only partially...

Comment Evil genius method (Score 1) 447

1) Go to the back yard or other open place. You will need lots of space;
2) Place the turkey on an aluminum disk, on top of a table;
3) Make sure you have nothing living in a radius of 300m around the turkey;
4) Shoot the high precision, low orbit ion cannon selecting the turkey as target, use the turkey "ready" indicator (usually red) to assist aim. Remember to adjust the intensity to "cook", avoid the factory standard "disintegrate";

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