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Comment Re:Use Chrome (Score 1) 225

The one feature Xmarks had (apart from cross browser syncing) that Chrome's built in sync doesn't do is let you control which bookmarks each of your PCs get, for example at work I have a few local only bookmarks, I don't want these on any browsers but my work ones, likewise I have internal links to a couple of boxes at home. This also allowed me to have a link to a box at home link to the 192.168.1.x address and at work my external ip.

Comment Re:Ironically (Score 2, Informative) 202

I'm slightly confused as to how being banned from online servers has anything to do with DRM, given that a game with no DRM could still implement a similar anti cheat system to Valve's VAC.

Assuming MW2 works anything like the Valve games with VAC (I'm thinking this may be unlikely as it has no dedicated servers), when you get VAC banned your account is prevented from playing on VAC secured servers (although the unsecured servers tend to be crap and full of people using cheats).

Comment Re:Do you drive a car? This is your fault (Score 1) 439

I just had to do some reading up on the Volt, you do realise after the first 40 Miles it has to switch to a petrol powered engine to generate electricity to drive the motor/charge the batteries.

I will admit it does have a higher MPG than most petrol cars, and is similar to most Diesel car's MPG.

I wonder if all the plastics in a Volt are recycled, and on that subject (but perhaps less importantly) if the lubricants it uses are made from crude oil?

Disclaimer: I should probably be doing things to reduce my use of oil, my car only gets around 35 MPG, and I drive the mile to work each day, and I guess I could probably shop a bit closer to home instead of the 40mile weekly round trip to Tesco.

Comment Re:EVE Online (Score 2, Interesting) 142

Well there have been 2 official EVE books, EVE: Burning Life and EVE: The Empyrean Age, which admittedly I haven't read so I can't comet on their suitability for conversion to a movie. However there is the fan made Clear Skies, using a combination of footage from EVE mixed with footage shot using Garry's Mod (Source engine sandbox mod) for interior shots, which I think could very well be expanded to a feature length movie (hell Clear skies 1 and 2 together are 1.4 hours long) and seems to capture the universe fairly well.

Comment Re:Why not both? (Score 3, Insightful) 675

Everyone wins.

Well apart from anyone who wants to host video on the web, who will have to either transcode on the fly (is that even possible?), or store 2 copies of the video, taking up around twice the space (assuming both formats produce the same filesize for the same quality , which as I understand they don't). And then what happens when Microsoft brings out IE X.X (Now with HTML5 video tag support!) which will only play back wmvs, thus requiring a third copy of the file.

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