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Comment Re:Bogus outdated thinking (Score 5, Insightful) 444

I admit I haven't RTFA, but I don't quite get your statement of "And name 3 people you know who run raid-5 on their personal PCs, and I'll show you 3 guys who can't afford an SSD drive.", I can't see how an SSD is a replacement for a raid-5 array. Everyone I know who uses a raid-5 uses it for large amounts of storage with a basic level of protection against data loss. I could justify replacing a raid-0 set up with a SSD.

That said I definitely couldn't afford an SSD that would be able to replace the raid-5 in my pc (4x500GB usable space of 1.34TB), the largest SSD listed on are 250GB @ £360 each, I would need 8 to match my raid 5 setup which is £2880 which is probably enough to build 2 reasonable machines both with a 1.34TB raid-5 using normal HDDs.

Comment Re:OOh (Score 1) 803

That's mostly down to the hard drive controller having changed and needing a new driver, as for some reason Windows won't think to use the generic IDE driver if the specific one won't work. Assuming you are replacing a functioning motherboard uninstalling the driver controllers (or switching to the standard Microsoft IDE driver) before swapping motherboards and Windows will usually boot fine (it might also be a good idea to remove any other motherboard specific drivers as well). I have used this method several times with no problems on Windows 2000 and XP machines. The failing to boot because the Windows bootloader can't find the boot drive because its using the wrong drivers only seems to affect NT kernel based versions of Windows.

Submission + - The Battle of Midway (

MwyN Employee writes: At Midway Newcastle: The staff have two weeks to save the studio...

Last year, analysts and industry news sites were toying with the question of whether the industry was recession proof. Now we know the answer — it isn't. On February 12, prompted by the departure of a major investor, [Midway] filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. It is a hammer blow to the very soul of the industry; Midway has been a part of videogame heritage from the very beginning. In May, a $33m takeover bid came in from Warner Bros, but that didn't include the San Diego or Newcastle studios. Under the provisions of the Chapter 11 code, these teams now have until the end of June to secure buyers or at least new investors. Otherwise it is, quite literally, game over.

Despite this pressing deadline, and with the threat of closure looming, the team at Midway Newcastle is hard at work on an as-yet unannounced project. Everyone knows the score, everyone knows they're facing unemployment. But out of 77 staff, only three have left since the situation with Midway went public. Studio Head Craig Duncan must keep his team motivated, while understanding that many will be surreptitiously registering with employment agencies or eyeing up the recruitment ads: "The heartbreaking thing for me is having people come to me and tell me they are talking to another company about a job because of the situation, but they don't want to leave the studio, and if the studio goes forward they will stay..."

Read more in the original Guardian article.


Submission + - Warner Bros. bids on Midway, Mortal Kombat (

Midway Newcastle Employee writes: Midway has issued a press release revealing Warner Bros. Entertainment as its "stalking horse" bidder (the first announced bidder that all others are against) for $33 million. This bid covers the Mortal Kombat franchise and the Seattle and Chicago development studios, but leaves the TNA franchise, and the San Diego and Newcastle studios open to purchase. Here's hoping that the Midway Newcastle studio does get sold, because I'm out of a job otherwise...

Comment Re:Possible related to Google filtering options? (Score 2, Informative) 332

Actually DansGuardian will let you force safe search to be on, the default filter lists have a regex url replacement that forces safe search. You can even make searches for Zac Efron become searches for David Dickinson, which can be quite funny when you are running Dans in a school.

Comment Re:Why oppose it? (Score 1) 424

CCP (the makers of EVE) are really tough against in game currency sellers, however they also allow people to pay for their subscriptions with in game currency. This is done using game time cards, and the providers for the time cards for the people who are buying with in game currency? Other players.

Basically you buy a time card with real world money from a supplier, then post a listing on EVE forums (or you can advertise in game, or anywhere else I guess), with what you are expecting to get in in game currency (the average seems to change with the economy in EVE, current average is 600 to 650M ISK an amount which is close to getting you a smaller capital ship minus fittings), someone will usually respond soon, you then HAVE to use CCPs official escrow system (to protect both parties, they monitor large cash transactions where no goods or services have been traded), where by you enter the time cards code the buyer and price, the buyer then has to accept it and if they do you get the in game currency from their account and their account gets the time allocated to their account.

A rather round about way of doing it, but the price of the time cards in game currency is pretty much decided by the in game economy and what people think is a fair price. There doesn't seem to be much moaning from players who don't do it, plus it has the advantage that if you can generate enough in game currency you can essentially play with no subscription fee. Of course to do that (at the moment you need 600-650M ISK every 60 days) you would have to spend a huge amount of time playing EVE (from my experience, I stopped playing a while ago, but have friends who still play and am informed the new wormhole exploration is very profitable).

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