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Comment Re:most people never wanted local storage (Score 1) 126

Good luck remotely erasing the hard drive sitting near (but not presently connected to) my PC... I'll make it easier for you, it's not even in a vault or faraday cage!

Why bother? I'll just wait out the MTBTF; enjoy your head crash (or house fire, or whatever else eventually happens).

Part of what you're paying for with a cloud service (whether in cash or ad-viewing) is geographically distributed redundancy.

Comment Re:gun rights are not in question (Score 3, Insightful) 1737

You are a fool. The majority of murders are carried out with hands and feet. And the people with any sense in their skulls are not going to wait and see how things go before they defend themselves, because at that point, they're either dead or dying. A teenage kid can kill a grown man with one punch. I for one will never underestimate somebody who has chosen to become violent. They might actually be emboldened to make such a choice because they are good at it, and anybody who lets them gain the upper hand deserves what follows. For my part I'm not going to wait for my own funeral.

Comment Re:USAF Combat experience, path to becoming Genera (Score 1) 253

Except that the Canadian experience refutes this.

We don't "up or out" - and we also have fairly stringent gateways and goalposts for promotion (specifically, courses that must be taken prior to moving up - courses that are ranked and merited, with only so many serials running each year)

We have plenty of Captains who will never make Major, Majors who will never make LCol, etc. Some of these guys are dead wood, but the majority of them are solid officers who perform productive work and who retain vast stores of corporate knowledge. They may not be rock stars, but they (mostly) aren't idiots - and they never get Peter Principled (where a solid Captain becomes a shitty Major).

It makes for a much more effective - and happier - organization.

Comment You forgot the most important parts: (Score 1) 253

1. The UAV feed can be relayed to a room full of targeting analysts, legal advisors, and the highest level of command you need to have the authority to make the shoot - none of whom are in danger - which gives you the best possible chance of making the right "shoot/don't shoot" decision;

2. The UAV pilot isn't hopped up on amphetamines;

3. The UAV pilot isn't part of a culture that degenerates pilots who return home from missions without shooting, thus motivating human pilots to shoot at *something* before they go home; and

4. The UAV pilot cannot make a bullshit claim of "self-defence" before rolling in on an unauthorized target - like, say, a Canadian target range.


Comment Re:USAF Combat experience, path to becoming Genera (Score 1) 253

That "up or out" policy has always struck me as being bizarre.

Sure, not everybody has the chops to go on to be a senior officer. Sometimes, a guy is going to top out at Captain. But he could be a very *good* (or at least acceptable) Captain, and there's no shortage of jobs that profit from having a senior Captain in that slot. Why get rid of those guys?

Comment Re:Plex on Roku (Score 1) 128

The BoxeeBox is a neat little device, with a few flaws that could easily be remedied in software (like a better music player)

I love that it can Samba in to my main server and play .isos

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 194

Because people won't mangle the pronunciation of "Germany" as often or as badly as the might mangle "Deutschland" for instance. This is why I still say "Burma" instead of "Myanmar". As far as I'm concerned, it's the English word for Myanmar. And if you disagree, I expect you to start calling Sweden "Sverige" immediately.

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