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Comment Re:Daily WTF (Score 1) 99

The DAILY WTF ought to be called the SOMETIMES DAILY WTF..... hasn't been regular in a while and they've been doing a crapload of reposting lately. Good times tho; some really interesting stories at that.

Still far above infoworlds' ad riddled pages.

Comment Multiplayer Experience (Score 1) 854

I enjoy playing games for both Single and Multiplayer -- which is why i'm drawn towards games like TF / TF2 and CoD etc... The only trouble i'm finding these days is the danged game hackers. Wall hacks, aimbots, modded lobbies all make life more frustrating when i'm just wanting a challenging experience playing someone else on a somewhat level field of play.

Comment Re:Wierd (Score 1) 102

It's reassuring to know that there is a 1:1 relationship between devices and mac addresses and that each device in the world that requires a mac address has its own very unique mac and that there is no duplication. Heaven forbid the calamity that should arise if there was any duplication at all.

Comment Re:N/A? (Score 1) 637

<quote><p>... been out of a job long enough to burn through your unemployment and savings and have already given up everything else on the list. Without a job, will you take advantage of COBRA to keep your healthcare (paying the entire huge cost yourself)?</p><p></quote>

I read this and thought.. "what does CORBA, let alone Java, have to do with healthcare costs?"

Comment Re:where are they going to get charged up at? (Score 1) 192

If they are travelling from Alaska they can stop between Hyder and Smithers and plug into the rear of some random moose. In all seriousness tho there are stretches of that Hi-way where there is nothing but trees. As for houses you have the old draft dodgers that took their trailers up there and squatted on random land -- so now you have trailers that have been added on to with more trailers and even attached to mobile homes (quite odd indeed to see). But, still no power.

I would hate to see what would happen if that care struck a Northern BC Moose.

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