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Submission + - Promising new Cell carrier for Canadians (

KingPin27 writes: Tho the news might not be new to some people the overall offerings of Wind Mobile might just be the breath of fresh air Canadians need. Wind mobile is an upstart Cell Phone carrier just coming into life on the East Coast. They are promising lower prices, no system access fees, and above average customer service. I for one an kind of excited for them, if they can deliver what they promise I would consider changing from my current provider in a heart-beat.

I wonder what experiences my fellow Slash-Dotters have in dealing with new cell phone carriers. The ideas themselves aren't new — what do you think about these promises and deliverables? Any chance these guys can make it in the market? Would you consider changing?

(BTW: I am not affiliated with this company in any way).

Comment Just Because... (Score 2, Insightful) 575

Just because communication at FTL speeds doesn't fit the model as we can understand it doesnt mean that it doesn't or cannot occur. We should stop dismissing ideas of science simply because they don't fit with what we believe should happen. It is entirely plausible that there are things that happen in the universe that we cannot yet mathematically explain - but because we cannot fully mathematically explain them they should not be dismissed.

Comment Whoops (Score 1) 248

so the next time one of your terrorist buddies gets married - instead of cans tied behind the hum-drum-v tie a couple blocks of C4 and let them drive away. next time this "glowgoo" is dropshipped you'll have a nice glown path back to your friends place.

I don't think this stuff is a good idea.

Comment awesome (Score 2, Funny) 133

This looks like a pretty good device. Tho i haven't heard much about them until recently I'm still pretty skeptical about their claimed lifespan - something that would be able to handle 24/7 consistent read/write for a number of years. The other thing that leaves me scratching my head is the missing DRAM cache -- I thought the need to store information then write it in buffer was kind of important especially with writing as fast as SAS is supposed to be able to transfer it. If these were hitting the shelves today i'd probably wait it out.

Comment interesting (Score 1) 334

Sorry for the double post but I was just going through the photos FTFA. Anyone else notice that the entrance in the foyer is all metallic and the roof is baffled. Also what looks like a giant exhaust fan in the center. I wonder --- if you get the passcode wrong, do you get tazed?

Photo here

Comment oi (Score 1) 334

I for one would really rather not be on the testing end of the

electronic equivalent of a claymore mine, which hurls dozens of electrified needles at the push of a button

Comment Re:You gotta love the IT Crowd (Score 2, Funny) 380

Newsreader: From today, dialling 999 won't get you the emergency services. And that's not the only thing that's changing. Nicer ambulances, faster response times and better-looking drivers mean they're not just "the" emergency services - they're "your" emergency services. So, remember the new number:

[singing number]

Newsreader: 0118 999 881 999 119 725... 3

Submission + - Drive Safe -- don't text and drive (

KingPin27 writes: An article taken from The daily Mail references interesting public service safety video, published by "A low-budget Welsh road safety firm", which has strangely become a sort of internet phenomenon. The video itself has viewed over 6million on YouTube alone. It is the most graphic representation of the possible dangers of texting (or being distracted for that matter) while driving that I've ever seen.

Take a moment to read the article and view the video — perhaps it might change your mind on using your CrackBerry while cruising through traffic.

Comment Re:Video? (Score 1) 419

Unfortunately one of the chemicals has a ph of 17 and is stored at 2500 psi. When the tank developed a leak everyone had to don gas masks, move the cockpit and then make an emergency landing before it ate the plane. A full hazmat crew run by the company had to be flown in from Albuquerque to run decontamination.

Seems to me that if they miss with the laser they could just dump the plane into the nearest village -- 2 weapons for the price of 1.

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