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Comment Re:seriously, how hard is this? (Score 1) 186

The company I work for has successfully implemented many such systems based on the HP TRIM software (previously Tower software), which seems to do a pretty good job for both paper and electronic records keeping. It doesn't require any custom code to do most things an organisation wants out of the box, which seems to be a key point in its success.

Comment Re:Did it "confirm" it was caused by man? (Score 1) 967

Easter Island has a spoken history documenting that the fall of the civilization came from over-utilizing the islands resources (i.e. cutting down all the trees) and for the Romans there are many historically documented causes that aren't climate.

If you want a good example of a civilization collapsing due to changes in climate, the Mayans and drought are a much better example.

Comment Re:Bitcoin (Score 1) 709

Or you could have employee owned companies and get rid of shareholders all together. Give the control to people who have a stake in and add value to the company, instead of people looking for a short term speculative gain or simply turning money into more money.

Comment Re:According to the DSM and ICD... (Score 1) 270

Psychopathy as a "disease" corresponds to Antisocial Personality Disorder in the DSM. It is a bit more specific in defining actual negative behaviours that not all psychopaths might exhibit, but it is the typical of the kind of psychopath coming into the mental health system. There is also some overlap with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and others.

Comment Re:Tax planning and rich people (Score 1) 2115

Corporate taxes are on profit, raising your prices to offset them is completely nonsensical as any sensible company has already tried to set its prices for maximum profit. They're not going to try and earn less profit and if they can earn more that suggests their prices aren't set for maximum profit. What you're spouting is one of two lies about corporate profit, the other being that it costs jobs in the company (again, because to offset your tax by cutting jobs means your company was not earning maximum profits in the first place with those jobs).

Taxes on sales or on gross income are on customers. Corporate profit taxes are on companies and shareholders.

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