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Comment BS (Score 1) 561

I heard a report about this on NPR last night. The researcher talking about it said the whole thing was basically BS in terms of altering one's state of mind. They did a small study (ok, really small, only 4 people), and found no shift in brain waves at all when listening to binaural beats.

Comment Straight Science vs. Engineering (Score 1) 618

When I graduated high school, I expressed an interest in studying Physics. I would have loved to work with theoretical physics. However, all of my high school advisers suggested that I go the engineering route instead. They basically said that it would be much easier to get a job, specifically a good-paying job, with an engineering degree.

I took their advice, and it's worked out fairly well, but I still wonder if I could have made more meaningful contributions to society if I was working towards advancement in physics rather than the application of science to business (i.e. engineering.) For reference, this was about 10 years ago that I received the advice to avoid a straight science major.

Comment Re:It's not just spelling (Score 1, Insightful) 534

Wow do you know any nation where some kids don't want to be rock stars, movie stars, race car drivers, or soccer players?
I guess you have never been to Japan, Korea, or India.
Or the UK for that matter. Think Football aka Soccer. Take a look at the tabloids...
I wanted to be an astronautic myself.
As far as religion as superstition... Go to India sometime or Japan. Shinto shrines are common even in peoples homes.
Sounds like you're some whacked out self-loathing person that has little real experience in other cultures.

There...Indianfied that for ya.

Comment Does he float? (Score 1) 911

says Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. 'Demand continues to exceed supply and we're working hard to get this magical product into the hands of even more customers.'

You heard it here first folks...he finally admits it...Steve a witch. And what do we do with witches?

Comment Age-Based Social Groups: Bring the classes to them (Score 1) 425

The problem is that most 16-year olds will have different interests and levels of emotional maturity than their 18-year old classmates will. They'll have all the same problems as those who skip multiple grades. I would think a better alternative would be to bring those college-level courses to the high school, but to keep all the similarly aged students in the same high school social setting. Just allow them to get the college level credits sooner. The social aspects of both high school and college are just as important as the educational aspects. Those who miss out on the social experiences often regret it later.

Comment Re:Can someone explain this to me? (Score 1) 192

In the observable universe, there are about 2^84 atoms

Approximations of the number of atoms in the universe are around 10^80 minimum.

That's still far less than 2^768 though. So your original point still stands.
That's a crazy realization though, that there literally wouldn't be enough atoms in the universe to store every number from 1 to 2^768.

Comment The Education is the Cure. (Score 1) 432

Education about distracted driving IS the cure. You can do things while driving in a safe manner. It's just important to know when and how. There are times when it's fairly safe (as safe as driving ever is) to glance at a text message or at that billboard out the window. There are other times when your eyes should never leave the road (e.g. High-traffic, high-speed situations)

Comment Re:Slow and Careful (Score 1) 408

Are you really trying to say that you always give driving your 100% complete attention? You never look at the speedometer? You never glance out the side window? It really does depend on how you approach it. There are ways to text while driving that do not cause additional risk. Namely, never taking your eyes off the road for any kind of extended period of time.

As some people above said, it's all about training. But instead of teaching people how to be safe, we just say, 'don't do it'. That's really not going to work.

Oh...and thanks for basically saying, "so please, die."

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