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Comment Re:WAR DRUMS A-Beatin' (Score 1) 203

The evidence for the posters statement is obvious, as is your total ignoring of Israels many war crimes. Its typical of the Israeli sycophants to try any tactic to distract from Israels appalling behavior. If it was any country or any religious group behaving badly I would call it exactly the same. Im sick to death of any criticism of Israel being framed as a race issue.It may have worked for you for a long time but the world is slowly awakening to just how evil the behaviour of Israel is.

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Journal Journal: shit for brains mod bomber

Mod bomber and his sock puppet accounts still at it, of course only posts as AC gutless fucking american moron. Still get mod point so I can mod down violent deluded american fuckers often. :)

Comment Re:It would have just meant more cheerleaders (Score 1) 456

I distinctly remember pointing out repeatedly on here the barefaced lies, distortions and false propaganda that led to the Iraq war. The same war loving right wing sycophants who are still trying to justify the unjustifiable are still doing so.

Remember Scott Ritter, the American former head of the of the weapons inspectors who at the time clearly said that Iraq had no WMD?

The Iraq war was and continues to be another classic example of the US behaving like a spoilt 10 year old with a machine gun.

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