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Comment Most negative publicity... (Score 2) 300

This is perhaps the most negative publicity that I've seen for a console before it even came out. Even the failures like the 3DO had great publicity (the 3DO was named Time's 'product of the year')

Has there been -anything- positive that has come out of the Xbox One's pre-launch that hasn't just been damage control?

Comment Re:It is better than buying used games (Score 1) 300

You're free to sell your games for however much you want them. Hint: There's more than just Gamestop.

Steam is actually pretty crappy, but its better than some DRM schemes that publishers have come up with since you can't just swap disks like you've always been able to with console games.

Comment Why? (Score 5, Insightful) 300

Why are there even ads on the Xbox? After all you've:

A) Bought the console
B) Bought some games (presumably)
C) Quite possibly bought a gold membership

Now, I can understand something like when you go to the store to have maybe a little promo of "what's new" but beyond that, ads are unacceptable.

Comment Re:Even before those... (Score 1) 135

Yeah, I'm not sure why Nintendo released the Wii U (and the 3DS) so soon with really no good games. I'm going to buy a Wii U (just like I bought a 3DS) but I see no point in shelling out $300 for a system that I'd just play one or two games on (New Mario Bros 2 and maybe Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate) until the rest of the games that I want to play come out.

The 3DS had exactly the same problem, it launched with no games of note and for the first 6 months or so of its existence its flagship title was a remake of a game from 1998. Now it has a large selection of excellent titles, Super Mario 3D Land, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Mario Kart 7, Tales of the Abyss, Animal Crossing, Luigi's Mansion, Kid Icarus, etc. but for the first year, there were really no reasons to buy it.

Comment Enough sequels (Score 1) 135

We've had enough sequels with Nintendo, what we really need is more original games. Yeah, its fun playing Mario/Zelda/Metroid every generation, but there's only so much you can do with them before you totally destroy continuity and cohesion as a series. Either that or do what they've done with Fire Emblem and make it be more like Final Fantasy where each game has some tie-ins (similar weapons, the Fire Emblem, a couple of references) but each game is mostly stand alone and so they're free to add and remove features at will and it doesn't really make the game feel any less of a Fire Emblem game.

I mean, there's some good concepts out there, but they feel shoehorned in a universe where they don't belong for example, Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

While Nintendo certainly shouldn't forget its classics, there is a need for fresh blood.

Comment Re:How about (Score 1) 135

Mario RPG was excellent, the Paper Mario and Mario and Luigi games are fun in their own ways, but they're nothing like Super Mario RPG. A sequel similar to Kingdom Hearts would be pretty fun... Assuming SE puts in likable characters and not the emotional, over-dramatic teens that they seem so fond of designing of late...

Comment Re:Individual, not collective (Score 1) 467

So? Do I have a right to high pay? Of course not. If people are willing to do the same job for less than me, why would my boss pay more for me? Instead, you've got to make sure that you produce better (or at least different) than them.

Its simple logic: why pay more for the same thing? Instead, you've got to be different. If you can't, well, you either need to adjust your level of living or find a field you're better at.

Comment Re:Individual, not collective (Score 1) 467

Because I forgot how my boss holds me at gunpoint? How there's only one company in existence that I can work at?

My boss gives me an offer of what he's willing to give me in exchange for work (pay, working environment, benefits, etc.) I can either accept that, reject that or give him a counteroffer which he is free to accept or reject.

We are both on equal ground. If I don't like what he offers, I'm perfectly free not to work. If he doesn't like what I am willing to work for (or the quality of my work) he doesn't have to hire me. I have no right to demand anything more than what has been mutually agreed upon and neither does my boss.

Comment Individual, not collective (Score 4, Insightful) 467

The problem with unions is they view a worker as a clone of every other worker.

For example, a young worker is unlikely to really need lots of health insurance when compared to an aging worker. Similarly an unmarried man most likely couldn't care less about maternity leave. But yet with collective bargaining, that young worker could get useless (for him) insurance in exchange for something that would be useful for him (vacation days, higher pay, etc.) and that unmarried man might get great maternity leave but at the expense of something that could be useful for him.

Instead, contracts should be dealt with at the individual level, allowing for the best for both the employer and the individual employee.

Comment Perhaps a good thing? (Score 1) 413

I don't think this is cause for celebration... Yet.

After all, what is the first thing that the army does after ousting the president? They take down the TV and media that opposes them

Like most "revolutions" Egypt is simply trading one tyrant for another, just like what happened back in 2011.

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