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Comment Re:Obama's Ipad (Score 1) 165

Well, the goal was a socialism-inspired production/distribution management system. Just like how DARPA had no clue what the internet could become, neither did Allende's people. But what they created clearly was headed down a direction that likewise could have led to not only the internet, but instant, true (non-representative) democracy. An awesome system.

Comment Re:Tory party is a collection of special interests (Score 1) 165

Eh, pot smoking in Iceland doesn't seem any more common than anywhere else. But yeah, the sweater thing (lopapeysur) is pretty spot on -- you could have added "$80-200" to the list of descriptors as well ;) Hagkaup (common chain of Icelandic grocery stores) even has an entire (sizeable) lopi yarn section. You can have your choice from dozens of types of lopi but can't buy headache medicine there ;)

Comment Re:Yeah, yeah...everything enjoyable is bad for yo (Score 1) 283

No, not just by rate of intake; there's a limit to how fast your body can convert it, regardless of how much you consume. Wikipedia has a nice referenced summary on it.

That said, even a low conversion efficiency of ALA to EPA and DHA doesn't necessarily mean that it's bad. One could argue that even a very DHA-rich fish, like atlantic salmon, is only about 3% DHA, while flax oil is ~55% ALA, and flax meal is around 2/3rds oil, so even a poor conversion rate still yields roughly similar amounts per unit mass of food consumed. But basically, there just aren't enough studies on whether ALA provides the same sort of benefits, and I hope that gets remedied soon.

Comment Re:Yeah, yeah...everything enjoyable is bad for yo (Score 1) 283

From what I've read, it's not "as needed", but is rate-limited -- and that rate is different for individuals. And the studies I've seen on whether ALA input is useful in the same way as EPA and DHA -- studies which are limited in quantity -- have had mixed results.

BTW, do you grind your own flax seed? I strongly recommend it, since flax seed is more stable than flax meal, which is more stable in turn than flax oil (it's a shame that omega-3s are so fragile). All it takes is a coffee grinder.

Comment Re:Li? (Score 5, Informative) 128

Contrary to many scare reports, lithium is not particularly rare or expensive -- under $10 a kilogram for lithium carbonate, which is used to make a dozen or two percent of the mass of batteries that sell for hundreds of dollars per kilogram. It's a couple percent of the cost. The main risk for lithium is temporary supply shortages, where demand outgrows production rates (it takes many years to get a new mine started). And of course, everyone wants to produce the cheapest stuff, but the cheapest stuff isn't always in the best of locations (producing from seawater -- a basically boundless supply -- costs ~$30 or so per kilogram of carbonate, versus a couple dollars per kilogram from a good lithium-rich playa.

It's not batteries that will be displaced by elevated lithium prices, but the other uses, which currently make up the vast majority of lithium consumption -- alloys, greases, glass, ceramics, etc.

Comment Re:Jeff Goldblum (Score 2) 368

The problem is, that the planting procedures for BT corn were supposed to prevent or at least reduce this. Proper BT corn management practice is to have a certain percentage (usually 20%) of your corn as non-BT (called "refuge"), to provide a haven for non-BT-resistant insects to thrive (in far greater numbers than any rare resistant bugs), thus dramatically diluting BT resistant genes and the evolutionary pressure to develop them.

Comment Re:Queue the screams of hysteria (Score 1) 195

Actually, I work for an Icelandic company/am prepping to move to Iceland/am learning Icelandic, and in Icelandic, it's "fjörður" in nominative, "fjörð" in accusative. Eth is normally transliterated as "d". My mind just instinctively tried to keep as much as possible like the Icelandic spelling. Icelandic, FYI, is closer to Old Norse than modern Norwegian, which is closer to Danish.

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