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Comment Re:Which is more realistic (Score 1) 945

That's exactly what it should be, common carrier and one side pays, either the sender or the consumer. It's been the consumer so far as they are requesting the data be sent to them. This is in contrast to cellular service where both sides pay.

No transmission provider should be able to deny sending the data through and there should be no way a data provider should be paying anything more for "faster" lanes. They are already paying to connect to the backbone. I'm the consumer and I decide the speed at which I wish to receive data. Faster, I pay more. It's plain and simple. These ISPs simply want to double charge and that should never happen. I want real net neutrality not what the FCC is calling "net neutrality".

Comment Re:As a programmer (Score 1) 735

Your statement "programmers as production line workers.. and as much as I hate to admit it, there really is truth in that" is about as accurate as your spelling.

There are people called programmers and there are programmers. The former represents the bulk of outsourced programmers and a good amount of local staff, the latter represents the people who actually understand what the designer/business wants/needs and are skilled enough to accurately and efficiently deliver that. They ask questions, they suggest alternatives/enhancements/etc. The former generally produces garbage that falls apart in days after being delivered late while the latter produces a quality product usually on time and on budget.

That's the problem using outsourcing, thinking programmers are like sewing machine operators. It's pretty much a scam in large corporations where all they are interested in saying is "we spent less this year on IT". They ignore the fact that things aren't delivered on time, fail when delivered and the requester has spent a significant amount of time trying to explain what they need, test more times than they should have to, etc. Back in the 70s and 80s IT told the user community what they will get, the late 80s and perhaps up until about 5-10 years ago the users told IT what they expected. Sadly, the 70s are back and the users once again get the shaft frequently getting nothing for their money.

Comment Re:Good . . . (Score 3, Interesting) 360

Agree totally. Since most people didn't know of the availability of this $20 package it's great that more know of it now. I think it should go a step further. I would love to see the guy (with the help of donations if need be) run a full page ad in USA Today so it spreads all over. They'll of course be follow ups on TV and other newspapers, etc.

Comment Re:Typo (Score 2, Insightful) 794

No, they mean Sharron Reid. It's so if you're not paying total attention you see Sharron and think it's Sharron Angle. This way the vote will be for neither Harry Reid or Sharron Angle (where it obviously would mean more). Just kidding.....

The more interesting question, what if you don't want to vote for anyone (which should be the default)? Is there no option for that? Don't have time to read thru this whole thread.

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