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Comment Re:Old news (Score 1) 302

If they do it right, the only thing that would maybe be from the elephant is the mitochondria. The full genome should be viable. And if you have a male DNA sample, (assuming the males are XY like humans) then you can extract the Y chromosome and double up the X chromosome to make the female. It's been a while since I studied genetics in fine detail but if the result is fertile you can still breed them, they'll just be inbred as all hell.

Comment Re:Is this again just a theory? (Score 4, Informative) 160

Did you actually read the article? "Cheap words" make up all science and literature. They explained everything they did in the article. Or do you expect them to post all their experimental data on this brief web article?

"When we detect the Stokes photon we know we have created a phonon, but we can't know even in principle in which diamond it now resides," says Walmsley. "This is the entangled state, for which neither the statement 'this diamond is vibrating' nor 'this diamond is not vibrating' is true."

To verify that the state has been made, the researchers fire a second laser pulse into the two crystals to 'read out' the phonon, from which the laser photon draws extra energy.

Comment Re:A REALLY bad idea (Score 1) 427

By making something like internet access an inalienable right, the government would be required to ensure every single person in the United States has not only access to an internet connection, but also a means of connection. The government would be required to buy people computers or smart phones. And, if a person lost, broke, or sold his computer, the government would be required to give him a new one because without a computer, he would not have inalienable right to internet access.

I take it you've not been to a public library in a while... Every one I've been to in the last 10 years already has several public computer terminals with internet access freely available.

Comment Re:1 10th of China's Farmland Polluted with Heavy (Score 1) 412

Implausible. Heavy metal poisoning is only modestly fatal, either at alarming doses or if you draw the short straw in the carcinogen lottery; but has a huge band of unpleasant but nonfatal effects at lower doses.

Never heard of bioaccumulation I take it?
(GP is clearly wearing a tinfoil hat though...)

Comment Re:Cool, how durable is it? (Score 1) 216

My anecdote: I also have an anti-glare coating on my glasses. After less than a year I started noticing what looked like chemical etching on my lenses. I work with chemicals but I never wear my glasses anywhere but at home (where I don't work with chemicals). I take them to the eye doctor to check it out. It was the coating coming off the lenses. So the thing I paid extra for to prevent me from not being able to see through my glasses made me not be able to see through my glasses. (and they wanted to charge me extra to fix it)

Comment testing? (Score 2) 569

Last I heard they didn't have a way to test men for HPV. Men are almost, if not always, asymptomatic and wouldn't have enough viral material accessible to test for it. Have they refined this? How much testing has been done to show the effectiveness of this on boys? I'm all for this vaccine and I'd get it myself if I'm not already a carrier, but it's expensive and unless they can effectively test for this it's possibly just a cash grab.

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