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Comment Re:+1 Article Troll (Score 1) 206

Did you check to make sure there wasn't an error? I know of some errors currently where the updater program doesn't function properly and locks up synaptic and the software manager as well but doesn't show the error unless you open it with the command line. So to the casual user it just looks like there's no updates. I currently have this issue but plan to just deal with it until Mint 16 comes out in a few weeks and just wipe and install fresh.

Comment Re:I used to think totalitarianism came from above (Score 1) 286

Your average consumer doesn't care that their TV is phoning home, or Google is tracking them, or that their cell phones are reporting to Amazon.

We used to be afraid of three-letter government agencies but really, the bigger story is that the average person doesn't care if they're spied on. To them it represents greater convenience in lifestyle as products are tailor-made to their kinks and purchasing habits.

Do you honestly think the average person knows about the spying or even understands exactly what is happening or how it ultimately affects them? If they knew and understood it as we do I think they'd be as pissed about it as we are. Probably even more so considering how easily riled up the average person is by the talking heads on tv.

Comment Re:fine, have your grudge (Score 1) 294

/. threads are going to be intolerable if we don't talk about **the alternative** while we bash Sony's dumb design choices...


if any random /.'er wants to vent about how 'Sony still sucks' I say fine, but let's not pretend we're having a productive discussion about which Next Gen system is better or will be more successful, or which one gamers should buy...

Which is exactly why I'm sticking with PC for next gen games. It's already built. I can upgrade it how ever I like. It will run nearly all games both systems can run but better and at higher graphics. More storage. More functionality. No creepy ass spying hardware. No backhanded Sony tactics. And hopefully in the near future, due to Steam, no bullshit Microsoft tactics either. I have literally ZERO reasons for buying a next gen console. They now have all of the downsides of a PC with none of the benefits anymore.

Comment Re:Is that legal? (Score 1) 107

Is it even legal for AT&T to just hand over personal data, to anyone who asks for it? Don't you guys over in the US have privacy laws, preventing or at the very least tightly regulating this kind of data transfer?

I believe the courts just ruled that it's not your personal data, it's the company's data. Which is complete bullshit in my opinion.

Comment Re:station wagon? (Score 1) 208

but because I live in a place with 4 real seasons and big 4x4 SUVs are handy for getting around for the 2 days it takes the DOT to clear roads after a winter storm. Besides, a car won't pull my snowmobile trailer or the boat.

I live in Chicago. SUVs are not required. A coupe with snow tires can do everything you listed except pull a large boat (yes they make trailer hitches for small cars).

Comment Re:Yuk (Score 0) 1293

I 100% believe the theory of evolution provides the best fit with the available data. But stating any theory is a "fact" and "incontrovertible" is just too far. One of the issues is that it is hard to experimentally falsify the theory of evolution.

I'm curious as to what exactly your definition of "fact" is. According to the World English Dictionary...

fact (fækt)

— n
1. an event or thing known to have happened or existed
2. a truth verifiable from experience or observation
3. a piece of information: get me all the facts of this case
4. ( often plural ) law an actual event, happening, etc, as distinguished from its legal consequences. Questions of fact are decided by the jury, questions of law by the court or judge
5. philosophy a proposition that may be either true or false, as contrasted with an evaluative statement
6. criminal law after the fact after the commission of the offence: an accessory after the fact
7. criminal law before the fact before the commission of the offence
8. as a matter of fact , in fact , in point of fact in reality or actuality
9. fact of life an inescapable truth, esp an unpleasant one
10. the fact of the matter the truth

Comment Beta (Score 1) 263

Well, technically this is still beta, so I'm wondering if maybe they'll be tweaking it to allow multiple users playing different games on the same library simultaneously. (Although I'm not going to hold my breath.) One way off the top of my head is maybe just checking the ip address of the two computers trying to access the library at the same time and if they are on the same internal network (in your home or whatnot) they can play concurrently. That way it can be shared in the household but not just a pool of games for your 10 friends across the world.

That said, this is cool for letting your siblings or kids play while you're at work or something or trying to get your friends hooked on a game (so they'll buy a copy to play with you) when the demo (or lack of one) doesn't cut it. I hope they also allow some personal settings tweaking for it. I'd like to set an automatic time frame when the library will be accessible to family and automatically kick them off (after warnings of course). That way I can let them play when I'm at work and boot them before I get home so I can hop on right away.

Comment One question (Score 1) 362

How do they actually identify you? Typically there's several people with your same name. (And that's assuming you've stupidly used your real name on Facebook.) Even if you have a very unique name, it's not like your credit information has your mugshot on it to compare. Seems like this could be generating an awful lot of false information.

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