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Comment Pretty good so far (Score 1) 185

Replaced my 13 with 15 RC a few days ago. The new file manager is pretty nice. Right click to run with higher privileges pops open a new file browser window with a big red bar letting you know so you don't walk away and end up screwing something up when you get back. Also shows a small bar graph under each mounted partition so you can get a good idea how much space you have left at a glance. "Disk Utility" is replaced/merged with "Storage Device Manager" so I can just go to one place for all my partition renaming, automounting, and SMART options now, which seems to have gotten rid of a glitch that would always try to read my first two drives (sda, sdb) as identical drives for some reason. As of yesterday I still had a glitch with automounting my old Mint 13 partition at bootup but it mounts fine if I instead click on it in the file manager after booting. Mounts all the NTFS partitions with no problems. New applets organization makes it much easier to install applets without futzing with the terminal (This is important for newbies and out of the box experience.) but getting some of them to actually WORK after installation is another story. Having issues with the weather applet at the moment. In previous versions I also had issues with my firefox tabs locking up randomly, seemingly caused by a new song coming on the media player and the popup going over the tab button. Minimizing/maximizing the browser made it return to normal for a while. This glitch seems to have been fixed as well. Backed up and recopied one of my VM's to the new OS and it seemed to have spasms and refuse to shut the VM down but after a few cycles of update, force close, install guest additions, force close, startup again it went back to working order.

Comment Re:Citations? They need to be sued heavily (Score 1) 507

Here in Chicago, I noticed when I went to other cities they had the timers. I thought that was a great idea. We slowly started seeing them in Chicago and noticed much less issues at intersections and I even felt more relaxed while driving because of it. Then after they started putting up red light cameras I started seeing black frames put around the walk/do not walk signs blocking the count down timers from being seen. Typical bullshit corruption to generate revenue.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 996

I've been saying for years that we should raise the driving age to 21, and lower the drinking age to 14. That way you have a chance to learn to drink in a supervised setting with adults who (theoretically) know how to drink safely, and you have a chance to get all the stupid "hey guys, check this out!" stories out of your system before you're ever allowed near the wheel of a car.

I know it isn't like this in every state but in Illinois and Wisconsin you can legally drink under 21 when supervised by a parent or guardian (basically "family setting"). You just can't order it or buy it. The two states have different variations on the law pertaining to where you can do that. Last I checked in Wisconsin you can drink in a bar just not order the drinks and not sit AT the physical bar. You have to be at a table and the guardian must bring the drinks to you. In Illinois you can't do that, basically has to be at a home.

Disclaimer: Not a lawyer, just have relatives who tend or own bars or are in law enforcement.

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