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Comment Re:Failed Design (Score 1) 137

Understatement! At Symantec we didn't even let executives just download all the end-of-quarter high-value orders, and that information was vital to timely earnings estimates! We built them a reporting rdbms with "some canned queries" just like you said, which they could access via VPN or from their offices around the world. But the Finance Department did not offer the whole f'ing database to anybody to take from The Company's offices. That shit just isn't done with valuable data -- data that The Company values, that is. (any company, not picking on SYMC)

This alone proves systemic indifference to and contempt of the claimants, BP's victims. An ethical judge who does even minimal due diligence to learn about industry standard Finance IT practices would at least double the settlement against BP just for letting the entire claimant database be stored on anything mobile. The industry is NEVER as careless with property or financial value as BP is with human life and their victims' identities.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 137

Does it seem odd to you that TFA does NOT say that the lost laptop HAS been disabled? It looks a bit queer to me that BP wouldn't want to say THAT, if that was true. And so they did not say that, I assume it is not true. That could mean the laptop is out of range or destroyed, or it could have stolen by somebody smart enough to open it up and remove the hard drive rather than just punch the power button.

Comment If facts can't support your claim, retract it. (Score 1) 436

Those are your options.

And the total for every year is in the ballpark of a billion dollars. I can't find where I've seen it totalled up before, so it's a lot of digging to find all the individual pieces for you and I don't care to spend the time to do it.

No. Being taken on faith is not one of your options.

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