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Comment Re:Craigslist is a shithole (Score 1) 160

Nope, as a landlord, I turned to Craiglist because nobody was responding to my $38 tiny four-line newspaper placement anymore.

Although admittedly, at the end of the year, I had saved hundreds in advertising costs (or put another way, not tax deducted hundreds in advertising costs). I also save wasted time in people calling asking what the standard abbreviations mean.

It's not hard for generally savvy users to ignore obvious scam adds.

The ones who bug me more are the real estate agents who essentially spam post. OK, you are being charged, but that doesn't give you the right to abuse the service.

Comment Re:It's like this. (Score 4, Interesting) 878

Not only an indicator they cared about the message, but that they care about how they present themselves.

Does grooming matter? Does proper attire matter? Does body scent matter? Does posture matter? Does makeup matter?

In a world where more communication is text based rather than face-to-face, I'd suggest grammar matters even more.

(But please don't encourage those who don't value themselves to deceive.)

PS: Even in an MMO grammar and spelling matter, those who can't communicate effectively don't get invited for runs, don't interact as much with others, and don't make the same progress, as those who do, regardless of skill level, ability, and other attributes.

Comment Re:Net Nanny (Score 4, Insightful) 646


First porn I saw? Elementary school (black and white photos)

Second naked pics? Library (color, woohoo!)

Third naked pics? Home

First information about hardcore sexual practices? Psychology section of school library.

It works best to guide our children, we instill values in them a far earlier age than most realize, then they make their own decisions. But if you decide to make them work around your efforts to thwart their curiosity, such sites can easily be included in the Hosts file provided above.

Comment What's email? (Score 4, Interesting) 314

I don't email directly anymore, I post on G+, recipients receive it in whatever means they favor, email, text notice, online, G+ account, whatever. If they don't have a google account, it goes to their email.

So yeah, email has become transparent to me. I receive next to no correspondence through it.

That is the beauty of improved technology, making my life easier. It's been so horrible since we've moved away from landline phones and two standard methods of contact became mail/phone/fax/mobile/voicemail/SMS/email/web contact form/Twitter and who knows through which of those you'd get a response.

I'm glad to return to the one stop shop.

Comment Re:Is it "too real"? (Score 2) 607

Yeah, I read the complaints and was astounded that none of them related to the frame rate. Lighting? Edits not tight enough? Animated elements matting or other integration?

I loathe 24 fps, NTSC broadcast in 60 fields per second was nice, HDTV at 30 frames per second is a step backward AFAIC.

Note to anyone reviewing higher FPS, compare motion, particularly sweeping pans, not dialog. *rollseyes

Comment Re:Why Video? (Score 2) 96

Why video? Because it's linear, and we don't want random access to interview responses?

Hmm, maybe because video is time consuming to digest instead of quick to read?

That doesn't sound right, maybe because video interviews don't allow for reasoned responses?

To make subjects self conscious?

Maybe because video content can't be web searched effectively?

Wait, I know, it must be to reduce cost, because not everyone with a computer has a keyboard available in this era of tablets?

Perhaps due to written interviews being simply copy/pasted for publication instead of hours spend editing video?

I'm sorry, I was in video production for years, and never saw a single interview that wouldn't have been more informative and effective written.

Comment Re:LOL ... (Score 1) 310

Let's see, I don't really email anymore, I just send messages to folks via G+.

I don't use Twitter anymore, as I'm not restricted and have more control on G+.

I don't use the G+ website, because there's the toolbar, mobile, phone, etc.

I've been contacted via Hangout, which even let you call people on old landlines for group conferences.

The best part, when I DO use the website, I don't spend lotsa' time because it's well designed, I can accomplish what I want and get back to life, unlike the monstrosities other sites have become.

Google+ is a useful tool, unlike MySpace, which, as Tom Anderson ironically pointed out on G+, was designed for eyeball retention and time wasting.

This all sounds like when folks claimed Twitter was unused a few months into it's existence, because nobody went to the Twitter website, but used apps and SMS instead.

Comment Re:I Don't Agree with You or Jaffe (Score 3, Insightful) 313

Nothing gets me button mashing faster than a cut scene appearing.

If I want to play a game, I want to PLAY the game. If I wanted to watch TV or a movie, I wouldn't be trying to play a videogame!

After a game of chess, I can tell you the "story" of the game, without any artificial "story" being applied. The inherent stories are awesome.

I have no objection to other stories being there for people who prefer passive entertainment, but please be sure to include a way to skip past the time sinks.

(Yes, I too play an MMORG, one with compelling stories to me, that others merrily skip.)

The market answers these things.

Comment Re:I won't (Score 4, Interesting) 181

Twitter lost me when they ruined their search capability.

Google+ easily replaced it, more convenient than Twitter, Email, video conferencing beats telephone, etc.

But the CB analogy doesn't hold water, as Google+ replaced email/phone for many people I interact with, they are non-technical, so find it more convenient. Meanwhile my technical friends appreciate it too, given the control and ease they have with the tool.

The only frustrating part, telephones used to be ubiquitous. Nowadays, some people never check voicemail, some people never answer the phone but rely on voicemails; some people expect texts, some never text; some email, some consider email old-school/too formal; some use Twitter, some use Google+ (thankfully nobody in my varied social circles used Facebook)--to contact anyone requires not just knowing their number/address/handle/whatever, but also knowing what their preferred communication medium is!

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