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Comment Re:Lets see (Score 2, Insightful) 736

because engineering is a world of black and white thinking, and it doesn't challenge their religious dogma

Knowing a lot of religious social conservatives (being a religious social liberal myself), there's a simpler reason. All the people I know want to get married, have kids, do all the normal socially conservative things, and engineering is the fastest path to all that 'cause it comes with great pay for only 4/5 years of work. The article says as much when it talks about how the countries these people are from were pushing engineering as the stable well paying route to success.

Most other professional degrees take longer for less pay, though you'll also probably find a very high percentage of religious social conservatives in jobs like accounting and the therapies (occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, social work to a lesser extent). (The therapies are where most of the orthodox Jewish girls I know end up.)

Comment Re:What a stupid excuse. (Score 2, Interesting) 686

It is the typical "blame the victim" mentality, putting the onus of improvement on the oppressed part rather than the oppressor. Truly despicable frankly.

As a girl in engineering, I really do know how awful it is. I've been the sole girl on a team, told that I'm not a female 'cause I'm useful, lost faith in guys 'cause of the locker room talk, couldn't go to a competition 'cause a prof didn't want to pay for an extra hotel room, and otherwise had my fair share of the drama. I'm first in line to try and recruit more girls in my field, 'cause it's damn lonely sometimes. I was just making the point that it's an environment issue, not active sexism. Hell, when we discussed this at school, we found that one the things that totally kills girls are the professors who are nicer to girls, 'cause we have to work 3 times as hard to get respect in their classes/get other people to take those grade seriously.

Comment Re:It's a matter of fun (Score 2, Funny) 686

Boys grow up with computer games

I got into comp sci because I wanted to code better options into my Barbie fashion designer games, but my brother took a poli-sci route even though he played way more games then I did. In the past 20 or so years, there have been a steady slew of video games for girls, and we're still seeing the gender disparities.

Comment Re:Oh please... (Score 3, Insightful) 686

That is prima facie reason to suspect there may be sexism involved, and to investigate if we're actually interested.

But the original argument isn't playing the sexism card, it's just saying a male dominated environment turns off women. Makes sense, some people don't like the big ole arrow that gets placed on them if they're the only "other" in the room. More so with geek boy culture, which plays up the "can't get laid, fantasize about any with breasts" stereotype. If I hadn't spent my entire life hanging out with boys, I'd also probably be quesy about working in a hard core programming shop. I was watching G4 the other day, and the "booth babes" documentary just so perfectly encapsulated the female perspective on a certain type of geek that's expected to be a programmer. So actually, the lack of females in comp sci may be more do to sexism against males then against females.

Comment Re:Conveniently forgetting the details (Score 1) 929

She has a right to be Arab without having her electronics shot.

She's not Arab; she's a Jewish (non-practicing or non-identifying doesn't matter to the Israeli police) white girl from the states. Israeli border police would like have assumed that because of her name, ethnicity, country of origin, and relatives in Tel Aviv even if she didn't confirm it. It could have made her suspicious, but for very different reasons.

Comment Re:What are your goals??? (Score 1) 122

A virtual video studio where they can act out a play and then watch themselves is very experiential and gets to use technology they might not have a chance to play with on a large scale.

Sony did something similar with Sony Wonder in New York when I was younger. I went as a kid and thought it was the coolest thing that I could make my own tv show and I kept the certificate they gave out for years. There were lots of buttons and options for older kids and a big green screen and heat sensitive cameras for everyone. In the years since, it looks like they've modernized the tech but kept to the same concept.

Comment Re:If women are so smart . . . (Score 1) 928

You apply men's own macho standard to them as though they are in some way to blame for them. You essentially blame the victim.

Ack. I didn't mean too. I only pointed out that info 'cause the op made it sound like it was women's fault and I wanted to paint a fuller picture. I seriously don't blame any victim for not reporting their abuse 'specially when they wouldn't even be taken seriously 'cause of screwed up notions of gender.

You might well say that it is not in these groups remit to address these issues.

Except I really don't believe that. I think every mother should be advocating just as loudly for her son to get more support in school as for her daughter, and that a whole host of gender issues on both sides would ease up if society didn't stick to such rigid constructs on gender abuse and oppression. I think it's insane that some of my brightest friends have to work harder for scholarships in engineering 'cause they're white males, and it just breeds the sort of resentment that can't be good for anyone. Basically, I think they should be advocating for all victims (male and female) for whatever agenda they're pushing.

Take for example the issue suicide rates. This problem disproportionately affects men.

Women attempt more, (and suffer from depression more, but again this is in large part due to under reporting) but men succeed more 'cause they use violent methods. Basically, both genders are affected differently, so most of the prevention programs take a general approach.

I don't know if womens groups taking this one up will even be effective. Guys may actually be much more effective for the same macho-cultural reasons as why guys kill themselves more often and guys make better teachers for inner-city males. Which is a separate issue-will women advocating for men even be effective because of the cultural issues that prevent men for advocating loudly for themselves?

What's stopping guys from getting together and starting education and prevention programs geared towards guys? It's a public health issue, so it's not like anyone's even gonna play the oppressed peoples card. Womens' programs probably should expand their scope (though I've never seen a suicide prevention program target towards a gender, only age specific stuff.)

Comment Re:If women are so smart . . . (Score 1) 928

Hang on - why 'only' if he wears a condom? Where is the expectation for him to wear the protection when there are just as many ways for woman to protect herself? What if the woman asked him not to, or didn't give him the chance?

If she didn't give him the chance, I think he's off the hook. If she told him not to, only if he has reason to believe her reasons for why he shouldn't. Basically, if she's lying about being on the pill, I'll have some sympathy for him depending on the level of their relationship->wife lying very different from one-night-stand lying. I make condoms a clause 'cause if he doesn't want kids that badly, he should take it on himself to do everything in his power to prevent it, and that includes insisting on a condom.

Comment Re:If women are so smart . . . (Score 1) 928

Yet you are quite happy to collectively punish men.

Gah, I'm really not. I think it's awful that a guy who really wants a kid can't stop a girl from havng an abortion, and it's unfair that he gets stuck paying child support if he took all reasonable preventative measures to not have a kid. I think custody laws are totally insane and currently encourage all sorts of slimy behavior and that the entire system is screwed up. I think the draft should apply to both, or really to neither. I also think the laws that keep women off the front line aren't fair if she really wants to go out there.

I was really just pointing out that a decent amount of the inequalities towards men are self-prepetuated, and I was making the same point as you that it's a collective culture issue, not a gender specific one.

Comment Re:If women are so smart . . . (Score 1) 928

After all, the stopgap measures should be just fine, right?

Condoms are known to prevent pregnancy, whereas dress has nothing to do with rape. *As for situations, look I don't think a guy is obligated to pay child support if the girl used a turkey baster method or otherwise went against his best efforts. But he has to put in those best efforts first.

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