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Comment Re:Wow (Score 2) 273

My pipe is rather slow, but it's more than fast enough to use move terrabytes of data upstream. Most pipes over here in Europe are big enough for that, same for Asia, don't know what the deal is for the States/Canada/Australia. The thing is, the first full backup of all that data might take a while, but once it's done you only have to worry about new data.

I'm a photographer as well and I use Crashplan (they supported linux) and they're priced similarly (even cheaper I think). The application they provide supports backing up your data to their cloud *AND* other media. The way it works for me is as following:

- Backup to cloud (offsite online backup, new data gets priority)
- Backup to local NAS (onsite backup)
- Weekly backup to portable drive (offsite offline backup)

All with one application.

Comment Re:Most People download to sample before buying (Score 1) 188

There once was a time where you had good radioshows. Hell, there even was a time MTV actually stood for Music TeleVision.
However, the rise of 'payola' meant a decline in musical diversity on the radio's and even on MTV.

At this point, the cassette trading with friends got really popular, people would give eachother cassettes to listen to(and copy).
Later on, came the internet radio's that catered to specific publics that allowed people to yet again discover new music from smaller artists.

Fast forward to today: A lot of internet radio's have been killed and the few remaining ones are eighter access restricted (pandora is US only) or only available through subscriptions ( & consorts). I happen to be a user and I live in Europe. This service is only available to me for a monthly fee, won't run on mobile devices (apperantly, the labels have seperate licences for internet access on a PC and on a 'mobile device', go figure) and still restricts various artists music from playing in several regions.

I still buy CD's, mostly from smaller artists, but were it not for the internet and piracy, I'd have less then 1/10th of the amount of CD's & albums I have now.

Comment Re:16-bit? (Score 5, Insightful) 312

As a photographer I disagree with your statement. The advantage of working with raw picture files is that you have much more data available then you have after a lossy compression has been applied to your image. Shooting in RAW allows you to do all sorts of neat tricks that with a standard jpg are extremely difficult if not impossible.

Believe me, you do notice the difference between a processed jpg & a processed raw file.

Comment Re:We sure don't make stuffs like they used to (Score 1) 238

All the issues you mention were typical for a specific platform (x86/Windows), there were systems even back then that lacked those issues. When I look at what NASA did with limited electronics and at we do now with our Gigahertz smartphones, I can't help but feel we're wasting that beautifull hardware with trivial un-optimised crapware, and that saddens me.

Just think, there is still an active (albeit small) Commodore 64 demoscene squezing tricks out of the old girl that the designers never thought were feasable. That for me is a lot more impressive than a smartphone rendering 3D virtual worlds.

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