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Comment Have You Tried... (Score 1) 712

Uniball Signo Micro 207?
Gel ink, even flow, smooth writing.


I used to use Rotring and a few others, but the Uniball has won me over. I too write very small.
Haven't yet had the opportunity to take one up in a plane, but they're not so expensive that
trying one will break the bank.

Comment Dumb It Down For The Masses (Score 1) 878

Anything that can be said, can be said clearly. There are still a few who care about the difference
between "your" and "you're", (and yes, I put my comma AFTER the quotation mark).

What is it about Americans and their incessant need to appear (if not actually be) stupid? Students
in so many other countries grab every chance they get to improve themselves and learn, yet here
having a smart phone seems to be an adequate substitute for a good education.

Let's hope that our decline isn't sped along by laziness, apathy and ignorance. Embrace learning, not
for political correctness, but simply so that your message may be understood without question.

Comment The "God" Particle... (Score 1) 652

Ha ha ha! Just wait til they detect an even smaller particle, and so on.
Will that be the NEW and IMPROVED "God" particle? Or the Protestant "God" particle?
Humans are so full of themselves. It's just a smaller particle. There will be many more.
Just because we can't detect something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Mankind's science is severely limited. It will take a much greater intelligence than he has
to discover the tiniest particles of matter.

Comment Is it April 1st Again? (Score 1) 349

No matter how hard they try, the need for Desktop Support will NEVER go away.

People are just too stupid/ignorant/lazy/whatever to be able to do without some
sort of hand-holding being available to help them recover from their foibles or simply
to explain that there really is no "Any" key.

Corporate users are no exception.

Comment They Get What They Deserve (Score 1) 270

Well, when the Chinese neutralize all our military hardware, invade, then kill off all of the
greedy industrialists who decided to have ANYTHING our military uses be made in China,
then they will have earned their just desserts. Either that, or those citizens left over from
the invasion will hunt down and take care of the turkeys themselves. After all, what good
will all their money do them then?

Comment Not Impressed by iPad...yet. (Score 1) 1634

I'm not a user of Apple computers, but I did get an iPhone. It turns out to be one of the most useful devices I've ever owned...and, despite AT&T, it even makes phone calls. The iPad, however, is nothing more than an over-sized, over-priced iPod Touch without the camera. Plus, it lacks external data accessibility via connections (USB, flash drive, handwriting, Flash compatibility, etc.) If it tends to be around long enough, perhaps Apple will add some capabilities to it. Then I might consider it.

Comment Fees, fees, fees! Wheeeee! (Score 1) 127

Meh.Phone companies have always done their best to squeeze every drop of blood from the turnips that are their customers. Plans and bundles and contracts, all smoke and mirrors designed to disguise the fact that they simply want to charge you for breathing but cannot, hence the paperwork. The thing that I would like to see eliminated is this inane "minutes" limit. We are SO past that with today's technology, yet they keep on sticking it to us and we sheep keep on getting sheared.

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