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Comment Not Impressed by iPad...yet. (Score 1) 1634

I'm not a user of Apple computers, but I did get an iPhone. It turns out to be one of the most useful devices I've ever owned...and, despite AT&T, it even makes phone calls. The iPad, however, is nothing more than an over-sized, over-priced iPod Touch without the camera. Plus, it lacks external data accessibility via connections (USB, flash drive, handwriting, Flash compatibility, etc.) If it tends to be around long enough, perhaps Apple will add some capabilities to it. Then I might consider it.

Comment Fees, fees, fees! Wheeeee! (Score 1) 127

Meh.Phone companies have always done their best to squeeze every drop of blood from the turnips that are their customers. Plans and bundles and contracts, all smoke and mirrors designed to disguise the fact that they simply want to charge you for breathing but cannot, hence the paperwork. The thing that I would like to see eliminated is this inane "minutes" limit. We are SO past that with today's technology, yet they keep on sticking it to us and we sheep keep on getting sheared.

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