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Comment Icons? (Score 1) 384

Desktop? Oh you mean that thing hidden behind a dozen open windows. My desktop is probably a mess of icons, but since i never use the desktop for anything and probably only see it once every few months when I reboot my system, I can't be bothered to clean it up.

Comment Re:When lawyers design spacecraft (Score 1) 342

With the current plans for 2011, ~50% of NASAs budget is for military satellite launches, and so will have little to do with actual science or long term NASA programs. With what is left NASA has to redesign and replace their shuttle fleet (The last shuttle built, The Space Shuttle Endeavour, cost $1.7B just in construction, that doesn't include maintenance and operation costs). And while $18.69B might seem like a lot, it makes up less than 2% of the governments defense spending. And when they have to scrap and/or shelve their programs and re-focus on new goals every 4 years when the government agenda changes, a few billion really doesn't go far.

A lot of people complain about the amount of money spent on the space program because there are few immediately tangible improvements to American life. Everyone seems to forget that without NASA, we wouldn't have the advanced communications networks, offensive/defensive missile technology, weather satellites (or satellites of any kind). Hell even around the home smoke detectors, water purification systems, the padding in motorcycle/sport helmets and safety gear and even Black and Decker invented portable power tools for NASA. Not to mention that the pure sciences researched there have helped thousands of other fields, helping everything from digital image analysis of medical images such as MRI, to digital photography, to radio communications, electronics, computers, aircraft of all kinds,aerodynamics, remote control devices and thousands of other fields.

Comment Re:And yet the public... (Score 3, Insightful) 373

First you say that background radiation is 3 times higher at coal plants than nuclear and then you say that nuclear has a harder time containing the radioactivity. Personally i would rather see nuclear where there is a slim chance of leakage than coal where it is guaranteed to be pumped into the atmosphere. That combined with the fact that half life is related to radioactivity, so that the materials that are radioactive for 100,000 are much less dangerous than the materials that are radioactive for 100 years, which kind of takes some of the wind out of the sails of the people who scare-monger with worse case storage scenarios. Its still dangerous but with proper precautions is safer than the dangers most other sources of power based on burning fossils, with easier storage of the waste product (rather than literally going up in smoke, dumping the radiation on a wide area). The short half life materials are quickly spent in the reactor, leaving less radioactive material on earth overall, although concentrating the radioactivity into a few pockets of spent refined material.

Comment Re:Sums. (Score 1) 442

One fish, two fishes? No.
One money, two moneys? No.
One information, two informations? No.

Mathematics is an uncoutable noun. It does not change depending on number counted.

You do not say "I solved it using Mathematic" when you use only one field of Mathematics.
You do not say "Math(s) WERE my worst subject", you say WAS.

Saying you need an s on Maths because there is an s on Mathematics is like saying you should spell the short form of Biology with a y as in "Bioy"

Comment Re:Why is it a bad thing? (Score 1) 324

Agreed, everyone should stop now and actualy read the book (I know, I know this is slashdot, RTFA is a 4 letter swear, but its almost all pictures and only uses small words!). It has very little to do with 9/11 other than the cover (which may have been a bad choice, seeing as how anyone old enough to remember it is too old to be using colouring books) the rest of the book being about fires and floods. At most they should redo the cover to something less controversial and more generaly applicable (flood, fire, earthquake, tornado).

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