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Comment Re:Sums. (Score 1) 442

One fish, two fishes? No.
One money, two moneys? No.
One information, two informations? No.

Mathematics is an uncoutable noun. It does not change depending on number counted.

You do not say "I solved it using Mathematic" when you use only one field of Mathematics.
You do not say "Math(s) WERE my worst subject", you say WAS.

Saying you need an s on Maths because there is an s on Mathematics is like saying you should spell the short form of Biology with a y as in "Bioy"

Comment Re:Why is it a bad thing? (Score 1) 324

Agreed, everyone should stop now and actualy read the book (I know, I know this is slashdot, RTFA is a 4 letter swear, but its almost all pictures and only uses small words!). It has very little to do with 9/11 other than the cover (which may have been a bad choice, seeing as how anyone old enough to remember it is too old to be using colouring books) the rest of the book being about fires and floods. At most they should redo the cover to something less controversial and more generaly applicable (flood, fire, earthquake, tornado).

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