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Comment NOADS (Score 1) 434

I am watching no adverts - I look for things I want to buy - I do not want them forced upon me. If that means AdBlock Plus, then so be it. If that means MythTV remove commercials option, so be it. As soon as the world is forced to watch or pay, I think the providers should pay US for watching their commercials - what if we're charged to download them by our ISPs? It really helps lessen bandwidth costs, removing ads.

If it comes to it - I'm pirating the programme - after all, it was shown to me for free!

Comment Security et al (Score 1) 931

Having a clue about security, I swiftly moved away from xp, and haven't used it for years.I think the Windows franchise was at its best around 1999 - windows 98se was fantastic for its time. However now everything else has surpassed it in terms of security, reliability, not just breaking randomly, more immunity to internet threats and portability. I could name a hundred more. But for your sake, if you're reading this, run away from xp very fast!

Comment GNU/Stallman (Score 5, Interesting) 309

Shouting, running, making a fool out of himself. I think if only he would do the sort of things he does without calling a ruckus, then people might take him more seriously.

I admire the sort of things he's doing, but the way he does them is troublesome. He shouldn't for example be blocking access to an Apple store despite their terribly non-free products. Nobody likes an asshole and would tend to ignore it. Now, if he were to stand outside, offering leaflets on why Apple is wrong, but disguising it as something like "Bad Computer Practises", or "Why Software Freedom is Important" instead of "Apple is crap! Don't buy from them!" which no one will pay attention to, I think he'd get a lot further.

Good luck, rms.

Comment Re:bullcrap (Score 1) 475

Exactly. Companies should learn that what counts is to make a BETTER product, not take down the opposition. It's far better to be loved and to be chosen. than to be hated and forced.

Now, who have we seen playing those dirty tactics? *cough*microsoft*cough*

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 224

When I said "not excluding just your own PC" I meant that the server software could just run on your PC, so you won't lose connectivity when you have no Internet, but will sync data (if you like) when it can. It would be like having your own cloud just for you, hosted by you, joining the bigger cloud at its convenience.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 2, Interesting) 224

Of course - you can have a small-footprint OS without the annoyances of other software LOADING. Your OS can start in 5 seconds. You'll rule the world. You can run everything in the cloud nowadays, and on your own personal cloud, too, like Bibud are trying to do, just more socially. I wouldn't say I needed my audio/video players, my torrent downloaders, my skype, my anything else when that thing is finished. It's just all on a cloud, running wherever you want it to run (not excluding just your own PC). And with the introduction of WebGL, games are moving to the browser. You don't have to have a cloud, but it's there if you want it.

Comment 21 Mbps (Score 1) 132

Let's not forget, HSDPA (normal) which is what I get with T-Mobile at the moment was supposed to have "up to" 7.2 Mbps. The most I've ever got out of it (even being in a city) is 2 Mbps.

I wouldn't rely on that being at all accurate, T-Mobile isn't too good with that sort of thing.

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