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Comment Ms. Ginni Rometty - a tard (Score 5, Informative) 68

She's been driving IBM into the ground and even investors wonder if you can continue to cut your way to earnings. IBM used to be a company that could and would compete in any market it chose, now it's a shell of its former self. Sad really when you think of the great things IBM has done, and the not so great.

They've started entire industries and markets only to see them taken away by competitors because their executives weren't agile. In a lot of respects I think IBM will be gone in 10 years because of retarded management decision making and focusing too much on EPS.

Comment Re:one word poem about libertarians... (Score 1) 353

Again, your comment is so full of horseshit it's staggering. I'm surprised you've made it this far in life or you've got a silver spoon shoved up your ass in which case you don't care about producing anything useful other than horseshit. The typical liberal mantra is that if anybody disagrees with them they're some how uneducated or poor and their opinions don't matter. Fuck that.

Comment Re:It's getting scary (Score 2) 150

I went to the hospital a while back and they started collecting all sorts of private data. They even insisted on getting a blood sample, probably for some kind of DNA database. Then, when the doctor left me alone for a minute I looked on the counter at his clipboard and there it was. The smoking gun. He had PAGES of information on me. So be warned, the government is already doing everything it can to monitor the population.

No, it's just the Doctor and the Hospital trying to upcode your bill with a lot of unnecessary services. Lawyers are now hovering in on upcoding fraud. People think auto dealerships are bad, hospitals and doctors make them rank amateurs by comparison.

Comment Another example (Score 1) 74

Another example of why stupid people shouldn't be left in charge. These folks are responsible for managing billions of dollars in health care premiums and payments and a failure in data management policies has lead to a breach. I'm sure they'll just offer the poor doctors "Lifelock" for a year. No wonder our healthcare system is so fucked up.

Comment Re:NO-NO-NO, a thousand times NO! (Score 1) 468

You're not going to stop the technology integration into aircraft. It's proven to delivery a safer and more comfortable flying experience. When things go pear shaped ultimately you want the pilot in control + technology assisting to regain control. The reason for that is you can't possibly plan for every contingency and human intervention is still required. Whether or not the Pilots believe their instrumentation is another thing.

Now, I personally think that the biggest objections to this planned technology will be the pilots themselves because I can't see them flying in a dark room and they'll argue for a way to see outside.

Comment Re:T-Mobile and the customer liable here (Score 1) 110

Seriously? They're back peddling because I've had t-mobile and it was a PITA to get rid of those charges and to block them from happening again. At the time I could get them removed from future billing statements. Their position was once I was billed I had to pay them because they were used. I had to argue the point that a 14 year old inadvertently used the feature, that I didn't authorize. Once I did that the charges miraculously disappeared. I'm glad the FTC is calling them out on this but it's a horrible business practice. Granted T-Mobile hasn't been doing all that well but still these services are shit and a way to scalp you.

Comment T-Mobile and the customer liable here (Score 4, Interesting) 110

It's funny to see T-Mobile back-peddling on this issue however anybody who could have had the premium services dropped could have done so at any time. For somebody to not review their bill and see that $10/mo was getting charged for this is a bit incredulous. Sprint, hell all the Cell providers have this kind of shit. Having gone through it with teenagers, I can tell you I had to scrutinize the bills monthly. T-Mobile's problem is that their billing and customer service practices make it a pain in the ass to get these things turned off. So there is merit in this suit moving forward but IMO there is no premium SMS service. Shit jokes, daily bikini girl pics. It's another way to bilk you out of your money like 900 numbers. and that's something the FTC should be going after as well.

I'm also wondering about the timing of this with the pending Sprint acquisition. It'll definitely put that on hold, which will force T-Mobile to pay some hefty fine (tax) that you and I will have to pay to cover the costs of giving the government more money. It's funny how that works out: company gets fined and then the same company passes those costs onto consumers.

Comment Re:Not bad (Score 1) 85

Well with the 840s coming down in price over the recent months you had to wonder when the next generation would be available. I already have two 840 pros in my laptop, the previous was Hybrid drives which are pretty decent over the old 5400 RPM laptop drives that folks are still pushing these days. Still, in 4TB sizes I think rotational media will still be around for awhile. I have two Hybrid 4TB drives right now in one desktop and there about 70% faster than the old 7200RPM 3TB drives they replaced.

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