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Comment Re:It's a about money. (Score 1) 211

It's a jobs program dumbass! We keep hundreds of scientists employed studying the decay and effectiveness of the warheads. A few of those scientists keep our Courts and Laywers in business along with all of the investigators and juries when they steal secrets for China. Not to mention all of the investigative reporters that would be out of work if they didn't have something to write about. We put thousands of people to work in the military making sure that they're safe and handled properly. Not to mention all of the DOE bureaucrats that oversee the the kit and kaboodle.

No, we need more nukes now to grow American Jobs!

Comment LOL Top Gear has been saying this for years (Score 1) 775

Despite the fact that he's a loud-mouthed git, Clarkson has been saying this for years although Andy Wilman (producer) is probably putting the words into his mouth.

Wait, Clarkson doesn't need anybody to put words into his mouth. From the production of the materials for the batteries to the charging problems of range and overall production of the electricity to charge them up, the technology just isn't there. We'd all be better just making moonshine in our backyards and feeding 100% alcohol into our cars (with mods of course)

Comment This will be very interesting (Score 2) 213

LOL, man Foxconn sounds like the US Auto Makers in the 1970s. It's because as others have pointed out. Bolted Down robotic workers don't complain and don't jump out of the nearest window. They depreciate, require routine maintenance but day after day they do what they're instructed within extremely precise tolerances. That means a better quality product for their customers without all of those "soft problems" that complicates business.

With China pushing people out of rural areas and into ever larger cities, it will be very interesting over the next few years to see how all of those people will earn a living. While the jobs at Foxconn are drudgery by any modern standard, they do allow people to earn money and contribute to the economy. Turning them ultimately into those nice wage slaves that all companies love that buy products and need services. Workers in China are already pushing for higher wages and better working conditions, something that the beneficent Foxconn would be very reluctant to go along with given their recent labor relations gaffs and breakup with Apple. Unfortunately the stories about labor shortages in China seem a bit disingenuous and reminds me of how there's a presumed "tech shortage" in this country. It seems even in China getting labor for the absolute cheapest price may be pushing this 12 year urbanization plan. These are all problems for China which are magnitudes of order more complex when you're talking about the scale in terms of a population of over one billion. I don't think China can make enough of anything, electronics, knock-off watches, handbags et al to keep up with the population demanding a better quality of life, which means better wages, better working conditions and all those consumer goodies the rest of us take so much for granted.

As a father with three kids in college and another one one just about there already, I wonder where they're going to make their niche in this world economy where your education and your experience can all be cooped out to some fraud ridden outsourcing firm who brings in a person or outsources your position elsewhere. I've told all of my kids not to follow me into Software and Engineering fields because people employed in those fields are now considered a commodity and subject to too much educational push from an ever increasing wave of immigrants from diploma mills overseas. What people don't really realize is that we've shifted out way of thinking from "value and quality" to "good enough at a low price" because the products and services we use have varying degrees based on those expectations. Entire markets the world over have been shifting in that direction and it's eroding the economic and social landscape of countries everywhere with companies seeking the lowest cost labor they can find that has just enough technical competency to get what they need done.

Comment Some nice improvements in the preview (Score 1) 505

I installed it today and there were a few annoyances/pleasant surprises even after reading the warnings:

1) It wipes out and replaces your driver profiles back to OEM after upgrading. You'll need to re-install any OEM video drivers etc. In my case my Dual SLI configuration didn't work very well until after I had re-installed/restored my configuration prior to the upgrade.
2) The upgrade is an endless series of "almost ready" and "getting ready" and "... we're doing this... " and ... If you plan on installing this go get some coffee or a few twinkies because it'll be awhile.
3) All of the new features promised are there, the tile layout is a bit more friendly but I'm sure I'll hit on a few of the other things.
4) A/V software gets kicked to the curb. Working with my A/V vendor now on the nice new dialog that pops up complaining about incompatible software, that you can't get around even with the Compatibility Assistant.
5) The Fish is back. I'm not sure if I like the "Mr. Limpett" fish all that much. I'm eradicating it after this post.
6) Classic Shell still works, so I have my start button context menu.

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