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Comment Re:No real congressional over-site (Score 1) 295

There is congressional oversight by the Intelligence Committees. However they're so caught up with shit all over their faces right now because they're the ones who tell their peers that "This is okay, approve it" when it comes to the acts and the budget.

The way to kill all of this horseshit is to ultimately hold congress accountable and change the laws, de-fund it and get back to putting this country on the right track as opposed to worrying about middle-eastern shit for brains that have nothing better to do than kill and maim their own people. That of course would mean that we need voters who are willing to actually vote for new candidates and stop voting for the same old shit. With about half of the country opposed to the other half right now, I'll believe that when I grow udders and get milked (to paraphrase a line from "The Money Pit.").

"In a democracy people get the leaders they deserve." - Joseph de Maistre

Comment Re:This subject is shill ridden (Score 2) 436

Isn't Karma a renewable resource?

Oh.. If you replace Nuclear power with (X) whatever X is that's quite a chunk of power to replace. In 2011, according to this Nuclear power in this country produced over 821 billion kWh of power. If you replace that with X, we need to know what that replacement cost should be, right?

How many wind Turbines that kill about 600,000 birds / year including Eagles/Hawks/Owls.
We're not building any more large Hydro projects, and we have drought in most of the country presumably because of global warming.
Large Scale Solar Projects are hit / miss (30 to 40% success range) but they're getting better. So how many square miles of solar panels would we need and where would we put them? I have Solar at my house an 8kW system but it has degradation problems with US built panels. I'm already fighting to get those replaced but if we buy more Photo-Voltaic based Solar, that means we'll pad the pockets of the Chinese, increasing an already voluminous trade deficit.
Coal is an option but we'll never get to 0% CO2 with Coal, are we willing to build more Coal mainline plants to make up for the capacity?
Natural Gas seems to be attractive and the Natural Gas folks think substantially along the lines that most of the new energy in this country over the upcoming decades will by CNG capacity, not Nuclear, not Coal. Natural Gas produces less CO2, but it's not-renewable and it pollutes both on the supply side (fracking etc)
and in the processing. So, there's trade-offs there and costs.

On the Photo-Voltaic side of things, right now current panels are anywhere from 100 to 200 watts per square meter. My panels for example were rated to average 180.. I get a lot of sun where I am but let's just work this out and figure out with COTS technology what it would take.

Figure 150 watts / square meter.
Let's assume it's sunny every day where you put these and you get 6 hours at that production rate (early morning/late afternoon, lets power, sometimes clouds) shorter days/longer days etc. Anyway that's 900 W and with extra time, let's say another 40% for morning/evening etc. 1260 W/day/meter or approximately 1.3 kWh/square meter. That 821 BkWh figure is 24/7/365 but let's assume 60% of that was peak daytime capacity for 1/3 (8 hr/day) and the remaining 40% was for non-peak. I'm just pulling some numbers out here, so you plug in your own. 60% of that 821 BkWh figure comes out to 492.6 BKwh that you'd need during daylight hours. At 1.3 KWh/sq meter/day that's 492,600 square km. or 190,194 square miles. of COTS Photo-Voltaic or an area larger than California. But wait, an area that large is going to have clouds, storms overhead etc. So let's say that it's only on average 70% efficient, that means you'll need another 30% in additional area plus that would include Winter when the days are shorter. Anyway, this could all be put into a spreadsheet but who in California is willing to live in Shade the rest of their lives to supply us with 60% or so of the replacement of our Nuclear Main Line generating capacity? That other 40% of that that generating capacity that can't be by Solar would need to be replaced by Natural Gas, Coal or Wind. Let's say NG is the way you want to go. You'd need 328.4 BkWh in capacity and a typical NG Power Station about 500kWh (Largest in US has about 545 megawatts/day capacity) so 545 MW/day = 545,000 kWh/day

(sorry for the crude scientific notation)
328.4 x 10^9 / 545 X 10^6 = 602 plant operating days. From this. Using Natural Gas, for a kWh takes the burning of .00798 Mcf of gas McF = 1000 cubic feet. So producing 328,400,000,000 kWh of electricity (X .00798 Mcf / kWh) = 2,620,632,000 Mcf of gas. From this. We get anywhere from 115lbs to 122lbs of CO2 released for burning 1000 Cubic Feet so let's figure worst case 122lb X 2,620,632,00 Mcf = 319,717,104,000 lbs of CO2 released into the atmosphere or 160 million tons. Or measured in other ways:

With just those numbers, and mind you I'm flying here with my calculator. Yes, there are issues, mostly political around dealing with the waste issue however there are also proposals on dealing with it in other ways other than storage and we also need to address all of those aspects. Putting that much CO2 into the atmosphere isn't responsible either and I'm just showing 40% of the that capacity. Think if it were 100%?

Also San Onofre 2/3 produced about 2000 MWe combined, or 48,000 MWh/day. Since they've been shutdown awhile, we've already been hit with the environmental impact of burning more Gas to make up for it. SO per year of the loss of that power costs 48,000,000 kWh/day * 365.25 = 17.5 BkWh/year in power generation that has to come from somewhere. If it's been made up by Natural Gas, that's about 17.1 billion pounds of CO2 or approximately 8.5 million tons. Take the second line impact above using the lowest impact ($893/ton as of 2010) number above and excluding direct economic impact (higher electrical rates, lost jobs etc.) of the shutdown is $7.6 Billion in economic damage/yr. Okay, so Mother Jones uses some high estimates if you take the $40/ton in increased healthcare costs it's $340 Million / year.

My calculator and I have been arguing all night but I have gone over these numbers a couple of times. If I've made a mistake, I apologize in advance but just running a few numbers, for me at least in CO2 impact equating to economic impact means that we don't have a solution that can replace current Nuclear technology unless we're willing to do a whole lot more damage to the environment.


Comment Re:NIMBY (Score 3, Interesting) 436

a couple of decades? Let's see with San Onofre offline California residents are paying more in electrical rates now and the power is being generated by more mainline gas generation to make up the shortfall. This article indicates to that it may be difficult for California to meet it's CO2 goals because of the need to burn 360 million cubic feet of gas per day to make up for the loss of the reactors at San Onofre.

Comment Re:OS/2 was pretty good system software... (Score 1) 98

Oh yeah they cut the prices but also 3 and 4 were great Operating Systems. I still have a Version 4 Warp VM for a few apps I still keep around but as history tells us now, it was too late at least in the Consumer world for OS/2. Windows had already won because IBM ceded that market to them even though they were vulnerable with products like Windows ME and nasty anti-trust legal woes.

A long time ago they demonstrated they didn't really want to be in the commodity PC business, an industry that they had leadership in and lost to all the clone makers in the 80s and even in contemporary hardware lines, they don't want to be in the business. Ginny is already unloading the XSeries Servers to Lenovo, much like her predecessor did with the Thinkpad line.

I suspect that they'll just continue on the WebSphere(splat*) naming conventions for all of their products, DB2 will become WebSphere DB the Mainframes will become WebSphere AppEngine Large and foist their wonderfully retarded Global Services Division on unsuspecting companies.

Comment Re:Give the accused equal time in the Kangaroo Cou (Score 1) 666

Yeah all that I can probably say is one: Poland may not be the best place if you're a woman traveling alone (include India and Brazil in that as well) two: If you're wronged, even in a foreign land, if the local authorities choose not to prosecute, get a lawyer or get your Consulate involved. (I've actually had to do both at one time, ahhh those crazy days of youth anyway.) If they choose not to prosecute call attention to their inaction wherever you can but I don't see any statements or blogs or twitter postings that say she's pushed the issue other than her blog and now it seems crossposting over to the infosec

20 years ago, this may have been a news item in the local paper and maybe a story in the hometown news. Now with Twitter and the blogosphere out there, it seems you can do character assassination with very, very little proof other than a "credible story." If everybody believes this guy initiated an attack, I would think a few e-mails to the local Polish authorities and the US Consulate in Poland may shake a few things loose. I don't know if there's a statute of limitations but at least somebody up the food chain in that country should be able to give the lady a reason, and maybe the rest of us since we're now invited to watch, a reason as to why one or both of them wasn't arrested? No more than two years ago we watched a guy who had a womanizing 'history' get the full on character assassination bit. The world watched as a guy, with a lot of power being in charge of the World Bank, was torn up in the press by statements and circumstantial evidence. He walked, but he lost his career (at least as World Finances are concerned). Yeah the guy is a sleezebag, but who isn't in High Finance? Being a sleezebag isn't a crime. Now he's up on prostitution charges or some such, anyway, at least that's in front of a judge, with witnesses and evidence and all the other things that guarantee an accused of a fair trail.

Just like last year when two guys joking together were called out as being "offensive" and "sexist" and plastered all over the Internet. That's not right, if the comments and actions were directed and the person calling "foul" then yes, she had a right to feel indignant but if you don't like the content of the conversation and you're not involved in it, why should you take offense over it's content if it's not hurting anyone? I will say in that case, at least she had photos and a bit more detail.

I'm not saying this lady doesn't have a case but again, rather than pushing the process, she's trying to shame the guy. So ladies if you go to a conference by yourself in another country, don't let strangers (or strange men) into your room.

Also, after all of this, the one bright spot in me reading all of this and stumbling on a cross-post on the Infosec News blog. is this John McAfee YouTube Video on how to uninstall McAfee software

Comment Give the accused equal time in the Kangaroo Court (Score 3, Interesting) 666

If you're going to accuse somebody of a criminal act, it's always a good idea to get their side of the story.

When she was contacted by the Consulate, I'm sure they informed her of this:

If you decide to pursue your case through the Polish judicial system, the initial step is
filing a police report. It is best to do this at the police station (komisariat policji) closest
to where the incident occurred, although a police report can be filed at any police station.


In Poland, police stations are required to take your report regardless of your nationality or
resident status. Police stations are also required to provide translators, although this can
take some time to arrange; the U.S. Embassy does not provide translators. If, for any
reason, you have difficulties filing your police report with a Polish official, please let us
know immediately.

Her blog states:

The US Consulate was great though. It was a night and day difference between dealing with them and the Polish police. I’d recommend getting in touch with them to anyone who has an incident in a foreign country. While ultimately they aren’t able to force charges against him, having someone on my side was nice.

So, was a police report filed? This seems pretty straight forward and that the Polish Police have to take a report. According to the blog they were "blah blah" So, according to the blog, no. If she had any discussion with a member of the US Consulate they would have had this discussion. If she felt so violated then why didn't she file a report? It's her right and the consulate would stand behind her. why? Also her comments "Blah blah" regarding the police and not being interested are contrary of the US government's position and own documents. Sorry, this looks like a he said/she said unless there's anything else that wants to put out there.

Speaking of putting this out there, without anybody else coming forward with something, a picture a copy of a police report a criminal court proceeding, maybe Fernando her getting hauled away in cuffs perhaps? No? Why not? There's camera phones, there's other people involved who are still not being named, maybe they don't exist? I'd love to see the video, where is the video that everybody supposedly has seen? Wait, only her word?

I'm sorry she got hurt, bruised... It sounds like she gave as good as she received though (bad choice of words?)

Again, don't put this guy on trial without evidence and statements from witnesses. Also, who here thought DSK was guilty of assault on that maid in NYC from just the press reports? Was he ever on trail for it? No. He was acquitted.

I'm going to now go get some popcorn and watch the twitterscape on this one. IMO, she's an intelligent person, well respected in her field and in terms of handling this episode, as traumatic as it sounds, she really didn't handle the situation well and now she's using the web to try her case. I haven't looked anywhere else but does anybody have something more than a twitter posting about this from somebody else that was there? How about some pictures.. I'm putting on my Don Henley music now.

Comment Re:i would have killed him. (Score 1) 666

The police came. They were very blah blah about the whole thing. They were really blah blah about it when I spoke to them later too. I had no proof. I had been drinking. He denied it, all that jazz.


As a side note, it gets a little bit weirder. When the police were there they asked for my ID. At that point I still thought maybe I was the one going to jail. I had a rapidly darkening eye but other than that I was fine. Based on the reactions from people who saw the guy later, he was in a lot worse shape than me.

Why really would she think she's going to jail for defending herself? This story smells more rotten every minute.

Going to jail for giving them your ID? I have been stopped a few times in other countries and have never felt like I was going to jail for showing an official my passport or drivers license (Canada many times before the border stupidity). It's routine here in the US, you get stopped by a cop, he asks for your ID, you have the police at your house, they ask for your ID.

Again, what may or may not have went on in that room comes down to physical evidence. If the police didn't gather any evidence they must have felt that there wasn't much of a case here or a crime. Which means, maybe this is being blown out of proportion?

Comment Re:actually you are condoning violence (Score 1) 666

I think that 1) It's sad that it happened and 2) it's great that she defended herself! I'm not saying don't defend yourself. I have a daughter and three sons. Who's the toughest of the four? My daughter and she's not the oldest nor youngest in the group. Then again, yours truly taught her to throw a punch.

I agree, if the guy is a criminal, then have him prosecuted but this person decided not to do and is now airing her complaints in the court of public opinion. IMO you can't convict somebody of a criminal act unless you're in a court of law. So, she needs to take her evidence, her witnesses and file a complaint. If she's not willing to do it, then there's something else going on but again, she should be talking to the authorities, even if she was in another country. Shit, why didn't anybody else who was with her do it? I haven't hesitated one second from calling the local police when I've seen a crime (or been a victim of it)

So, even if it came down to "mutual assault" the cops will side with the woman, except if you're in countries that treat women like mules. I will give the people, especially the authorities in Poland the benefit of the doubt in that case.

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