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Comment Re:Google Chrome (Score 1) 438

Mod this insightful! I think you've hit the nail on the head. The average user knows nothing about the browser, just what they want to see. I think since Google is so highly used, if the browser choice is labeled "Google Chrome" a vast majority of users will click on that. On the other hand if it is just labeled "Chrome", then you're right back to everybody clicking the blue "e".

Comment Re:Sun Microsystems: What are your theories? (Score 5, Interesting) 152

As a former partner with Sun, I strongly believe that Sun's insistence on using an Oracle out of the box solution to for its company wide sales to service system is what caused its demise. This software never worked and increased case handling times in the call center. That decreased customer satisfaction to such a point that customers started going elsewhere. I also believe Sun should have never gotten into the x86 server/workstation market. Instead they should have focused their energies behind their flagship SPARC lines and actually produced a processor of their own rather than buying Fujitu's technology. Overall I think Sun offers superior products, but their customer support system is rather terrible.

Comment Support them all (Score 1) 392

It would make sense to me to support as many video formats as possible because it does offload the codecs from the host OS making compatibility between different operating systems transparent. This would benefit the technically challenged people of the world who have trouble pulling up the web browser in the first place! It would also make the job of website admins easier because they would be able to use whatever video format came there way. I'm sure that's not going to happen, so give me as many options as possible. BTW...why are we waiting for these companies to agree to the spec? I believe the spec should be written and if these companies want to be in compliance then they will write the code to support it. Not the other way around. Anyway...good luck HTML5 guys!

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