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Comment Re:Democracy. (Score 1) 356

21,000 out 20,000 in. They lost 1,000 domains for basically shitting on their customers. Yet their support for SOPA stands, despite the half assed mea culpa. Every person who voted with their wallet against SOPA still has to live with the outcomes in the political realm and Godaddy loses almost nothing.

Comment Re:Accidental overdose? (Score 2) 385

Or perhaps people people on high doses of opiates. My wife was on a very heavy dose of Oxycontin for a long time and there were more than a few occasions wherre she wasn't sure if she taken her pills yet. We always played it safe and held off when there was doubt, but there were a few occasions where I had to stop her because she was sure she hadn't taken it. Large doses of these rugs don't exactly leave you clear headed.

Comment Re:Nice thought, however not close to reality. (Score 1) 300

How often is there a rolling gun battle down State street in Chicago over moonshine? Legalizing marijuana and maybe a few other common drugs wouldn't kill organized crime. That is here to stay, probably forever. It would slash a huge source of funds and incentive to engage in the really destructive behavior we see. Cigarette and alcohol taxes are high, but nothing compared to the black market mark up and any illicit operation would have to undercut the legal one on price.

'Invisible Glass' Solves Screen Reflection Problems 216

An anonymous reader writes "The days of dealing with very reflective glass panels may soon be behind us. Nippon Electric Glass has used the FPD International 2011 conference in Japan this week to show off its new 'invisible glass' panel. What NEG has done is added anti-reflection films to both the front and back of the glass that are only nanometers thick. Look at a typical sheet of glass and you will see about 8% of the light reflected off of it. With NEG's anti-reflection film in place, that is reduced to just 0.5%."

Comment Re:Sooooo (Score 1) 162

How many of those Democrats stayed with the party after the passage of the civil rights act? Look at the electoral map of the 1960 election. The entire west coast went for Nixon. Georgia, Texas, and the Carolinas went for Kennedy. By 1968 many of the states that had been solidly Democratic had turned on that party because of that vote. In fact the "Solid South" wasn't part of the Democratic party because of some deep liberalism, but rather anger over reconstruction. Once those sneaky liberals actually pushed a bill for civil rights they fled to a party more willing to embrace them.

Comment Re:Customers don't know what they want. (Score 1) 360

BF3 eh I'm not losing any sleep on that one but what I am worried about is Mass Effect 3 as I am eager to finish the story but I still cannot bring myself to purchase a game through or install Origin.

With way things seem to be going with EA's crusade against Steam and PC gamers we all know ME3 will be priced like a console game, will be released on Origin only and will never be released on Steam. I guess I'll just watch the ME3 endings on YouTube to finish the story as just like every game that has come out recently I have no intentions of paying console prices them and I will buy my games where I want to buy them.

Comment Re:The age of personal empowerment. (Score 1) 62

Arizona, Alabama, and Michigan are just three of the states that have had mass casualty incidents and legal concealed carry. If you're going to say concealed carry has kept you from having another mass casualty incident you'll need a bit more data. Right now it sounds more like a rock that wards off tigers.

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