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Comment Re:Worth it? (Score 1) 174

The problem with these perversities, is that when it IS so easy for someone to get away with shit in bankruptcy, this triggers financial problems for their creditors; who had to eat that shit. It causes a chain reaction. So - while I am not really happy with the 2005 re-write of the bankruptcy code, in general - I think that there are plenty of cases where it didn't go far enough.

Comment Re:We did it! (Score 3, Funny) 305

naw. DirectX is TOTALLY cross-platform man! It works on Windows XP, it works on Windows Vista, It works on Windows 7, it works on Windows 8, it works on X-Box, X-Box 360 - and it's gonna be the premier platform for the greatest games coming out on the hottest new platform, the X-Box 720. You guys just don't know what you're talking about and if your'e not developing in DirectX (TM), you're really missing the boat, and I feel sorry for you, because you're going to be left behind in the great new future that's ahead of us all in the world of Microsoft(TM) 3D(TM) Game(TM) Programming(TM). I am not even joking(TM).

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