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Comment Re:Immigration: a society's tool, not an entitleme (Score 1) 231

Actually, the Bill of Rights was an outgrowth of the public perception of events surrounding Shays' Rebellion.

The U.S. immigration policy is founded in the principles of Expansionism, which takes as its dictum, "growth is good". On a planet with 7 billion people, there is reason to question that wisdom.

Ideals are worthwhile, but rarely pay the rent, just ask Karl Marx. Policy that is dictated by idealogy most often comes at a very high cost.

Comment Immigration: a society's tool, not an entitlement (Score 4, Insightful) 231

There is a misguided perception, here, that immigration is about fairness. It is, in fact, about the benefit a society accrues from accepting the immigrant. You take on another mouth to feed in light of the production you will gain. Wringing hands over the ideal of welcoming all "wretched refuse" is to confuse poetry with reality.

Comment It's an accessibility issue (Score 1) 330

If your software is localized, it will be accessible to a wider audience, that's really all there is to it. You have to decide if that wider audience merits the additional work. Bear in mind, access to such localized materials could help those struggling to learn both programming and English at the same time a doubly useful tool. Being reminded of the meaning of a "pre" tag with a localized tooltip might go a long way in helping to learn the often arcane "English" that is markup and code.

Submission + - The Art of the QR code in Rio (

Rambo Tribble writes: As reported by the BBC, Rio de Janerio has initiated a project embedding mosaic QR codes in the city's walkways. The codes are intended to provide access to information for tourists. I imagine they will also provide access to hackers with little more than a magic marker.

Comment The tip of the iceberg (Score 1) 1862

The genie is long and truly out of the bottle. When someone realizes the implication of oval boring, we'll even have printable guns that leave no scoring on the bullet to identify the weapon it was fired from.

As desirable as it might be to better control who has access to guns, outlawing them will only benefit the global market in illegal weapons. Witness the success of the "War On Drugs", initiated by the Nixon administration and the greatest single factor in the ascent of Mexican drug cartels.


Submission + - iPhone 5 Demand Withering? (

Rambo Tribble writes: Reuters has posted an article discussing a Nikkei report citing revelations by iPhone 5 parts suppliers that orders for the phone's components are being cut. It appears demand for the new model is languishing.

With Windows 8 disappointing and now the iPhone 5 apparently doing so, also, are we seeing the limitations of closed ecosystems finally reflected in their popularity?

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