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Comment Time to rethink corporate shareholder immunity (Score 1) 143

The structure of the corporation was developed to protect the shareholders from liability for corporate misdeeds. This, unfortunately, has led to shareholders turning a blind eye to, or even tacitly encouraging, nefarious management, just so long as it creates inflated quarterly profits. It's time to rethink this, "I know nothing," defense. When shareholders find themselves directly responsible for the activities of management, a "new world order" will finally find corporations acting responsibly.

Comment Re:Post scarcity? (Score 1) 888

As far as I can tell, no one claimed to be the "apex of human progress". Of course making such a straw man argument shows us who the real asshat is.

Perhaps the greatest failing in these utopian scenarios is not the technological illusions, but the fundamental failure to grasp basic human nature. Karl Marx made this mistake, assuming that by elevating the proletariat to power would eliminate all human foibles, in his mind the exclusive domain of the bourgeois. Roddenberry made the same mistake, assuming that the elimination of want would also exterminate bigotry, greed and elitism.

If you want to see how well these utopian visions would work, go to the zoo. Visit the lion cage. There you will see how freedom from want — unlimited food, free health care, a range of amusements — has converted their society to one of pecking-order-free vegans who lovingly lie down with the lambs. Actual humans have far more in common with those lions you will see, than do the humans of these fantasies.

I have seen the future, and it is expensive.

Submission + - Google Earth's New Satellites

Rambo Tribble writes: The BBC provides some insights into the next generation satellites being built for Google, by contractor DigitalGlobe in Colorado. The resolution of these satellites' cameras is said sufficient to provide clarity down to 10 inches. Unfortunately, the public will be allowed only half that image quality, the best being reserved for the U. S. military.

Comment A problem with fearmongering (Score 1) 144

Reports like this tend to leave the non-technical user overwhelmed and befuddled. What does someone who is ovewhelmed and befuddled do? They freeze up and do nothing, think "deer in the headlights". In other words, these things often exacerbate the problem. But, then, exacerbating problems to boost ratings is nothing new for the media.

Comment jQuery isn't a hack, but it contains some (Score 1) 573

In order to obtain cross-browser compatibility, jQuery, like much code designed to work across platforms, has hacks to make up for browser deficiencies. This leads to the library being far more bloated than is needed when addressing a single platform. In light of this, using jQuery in this one-platform application can reasonably be termed a "hack".

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