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Submission + - Insurers Sceptical of Energy Industry Safeguards 1

Rambo Tribble writes: The BBC reports that insurers are denying coverage to energy producers because of weak defenses against cyber attack. Lloyd's of London reports a 'huge increase' in demand for such policies, but audits they commissioned found 'protections were inadequate'. To quote Ed Skoudis 'War games' expert, '... it's surprising no big incident has happened given how weak the infrastructure is. It's very hackable.'

Comment Re:It's deja vu ... (Score 1) 121

I have long held that the former Soviet Union and its satellites provide the best example of the costs extracted from a society by the most common form of corporate welfare, being allowed to pollute. Unfortunately, it is a lesson the West has largely ignored.

Thank you for your insightful post

Submission + - Google Impeding Distracted Driver Laws

Rambo Tribble writes: Reuters reports Google has initiated lobbying efforts to stymie attempts by some states to enact distracted driver laws aimed at wearable technologies, such as Google Glass. Given the toll on our highways shown to arise from distracted drivers, is this responsible corporate behavior or "doing evil"?

Comment Re:I'm surprised ... (Score 2) 79

I fully agree with your comments. Perhaps Kdenlive lost some potential admirers with those earlier, unstable builds. I know it was frustrating to get the editing done, only to have the software crash every time you tried to render. Hopefully people will get the word that it is now a stable, capable and accessible alternative to costly proprietary products.

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