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Comment Re:I'm surprised ... (Score 2) 79

I fully agree with your comments. Perhaps Kdenlive lost some potential admirers with those earlier, unstable builds. I know it was frustrating to get the editing done, only to have the software crash every time you tried to render. Hopefully people will get the word that it is now a stable, capable and accessible alternative to costly proprietary products.

Submission + - Thinking With Your Gut: Can Bacteria Make You Smarter? 1

Rambo Tribble writes: John Cryan, a researcher at the University College Cork, explains the relationship between the bacteria in your gut and your intelligence. It seems the flora in your intestines can influence brain development as well as aspects of health and nutrition which affect such things as hormones and neurotransmitters.

Note: Please hold the George W. Bush jokes until after the break.

Submission + - Supersonic Jet to Feature Screens, Not Windows

Rambo Tribble writes: Spike Aerospace, designers of the S-512 supersonic passenger aircraft, plan to replace windows with camera-fed viewscreens. Touted as giving passengers control over the view, it raises questions about keeping passengers in the dark, perhaps literally.

Comment Time to rethink corporate shareholder immunity (Score 1) 143

The structure of the corporation was developed to protect the shareholders from liability for corporate misdeeds. This, unfortunately, has led to shareholders turning a blind eye to, or even tacitly encouraging, nefarious management, just so long as it creates inflated quarterly profits. It's time to rethink this, "I know nothing," defense. When shareholders find themselves directly responsible for the activities of management, a "new world order" will finally find corporations acting responsibly.

Comment Re:Post scarcity? (Score 1) 888

As far as I can tell, no one claimed to be the "apex of human progress". Of course making such a straw man argument shows us who the real asshat is.

Perhaps the greatest failing in these utopian scenarios is not the technological illusions, but the fundamental failure to grasp basic human nature. Karl Marx made this mistake, assuming that by elevating the proletariat to power would eliminate all human foibles, in his mind the exclusive domain of the bourgeois. Roddenberry made the same mistake, assuming that the elimination of want would also exterminate bigotry, greed and elitism.

If you want to see how well these utopian visions would work, go to the zoo. Visit the lion cage. There you will see how freedom from want — unlimited food, free health care, a range of amusements — has converted their society to one of pecking-order-free vegans who lovingly lie down with the lambs. Actual humans have far more in common with those lions you will see, than do the humans of these fantasies.

I have seen the future, and it is expensive.

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