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Submission + - Facebook Editing Function Questioned (

Rambo Tribble writes: Recent changes allowing Facebook posters to alter their posts after the fact, without affecting the status of "Likes" attached to the original, have drawn fire for their potential to essentially hijack those "Likes", the BBC reports

Submission + - Martha Stewart Expects Apple to Make House-calls (

Rambo Tribble writes: Recently drawing generally positive reviews for her organization's resistance to Lodsys' extortion demands, the doyen herself is in the news for expecting Apple to pick up her personal iPad, which she broke, and immediately fix it. Reuters reports on this stunning display of entitlement.

Comment Re:The Faulty Premise Hazard (Score 1) 299

Exactly, and it is developing the ability to discern truth, or, in other words, reality, that is most neglected in much of our children's nurturing. Coming from such as religious or political interests, many in our society have been inculcated with the perception that belief trumps reality, (except, of course, for those living in it). From suicide bombers to government-shutdown advocates in Congress, the costs stemming from this cannot be overstated.

Comment The Faulty Premise Hazard (Score 1) 299

Young, developing minds have difficulty separating reality from fantasy. In many ways society encourages this, whether with Santa Claus or "happily ever after". This disconnect is used to comfort and motivate the developing child. The cost comes later in life, when many still have trouble discerning between attractive falsehoods, ("global warming has no anthropogenic causes"), and hard, cold fact.

Many here have proposed teaching logic before coding, and that is reasonable, but as a first step, perception must be groomed to discern between that which we want to believe and that which actually is. Without that, logic has no basis in fact and is as useless as a no-op code.

Submission + - Intel bids for a piece of Pi (

Rambo Tribble writes: As detailed by Ars Technica, Intel has introduced the Minnowboard, an SBC touted as more powerful and more open than the Raspberry Pi. At $199, it is also more expensive. Using an Atom processor, the new SBC boasts more capacity and x86-compatibility.

Comment It isn't just small towns (Score 1) 380

In the '70s Boeing shut down the SST project. Seattle reeled in the aftermath, prompting the billboard, "Will the last person to leave Seattle, please, turn off the lights."

Of course, politicians love to make hay by decrying the loss of jobs. Social progress and clear thinking are sidelined by such facile, emotional arguments. Had today's political climate existed 100 years ago, we would still be paying for whale oil price supports.

Comment One must realize ... (Score 1) 195

... whether it's Al Gore or Bill O'Reilly, the world prefers to get it's information from clowns. The clown's antics serve the message, if not so much the facts. The throng-de-jure suscribes to the message of its choice and the facts will just have to get in line; afterall, real science is too hard.

Submission + - Ballmer to Retire Within the Year (

Rambo Tribble writes: Reuters is breaking the story that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer intends to retire within the next 12 months. No successor appears to have been selected, yet. Time to polish that resume.

Comment A Modest Proposal (Score 1) 499

To ensure that the IAB and its members properly respect individuals' privacy, I suggest that any members, employees, or affiliates of the IAB be required to publicly post their own data that is of the same kind they collect. This means their own political preferences, purchasing statistics, and location data, etc. should be available to the public, in real time. And, while I'm sure the IAB would be eager to comply with this simple request in a show of good faith, this requirement should carry the weight of law.

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