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Comment "The Power of Nightmares: The Politics of Fear" (Score 1) 926

That is the title of an excellent BBC series from 2004, that addresses this topic. The contention is that fear has replaced promises of a better tomorrow as the leverage point politicians exploit to persuade the masses. It is available on Netflix, here:

Submission + - Amazon Gets Blow-back from Kindle Sales at Small Shops Plan (

Rambo Tribble writes: No sooner had Amazon revealed their plan to offer independent book shops the Kindle for re-sale, along with a kick-back on e-book purchases, than the fur began to fly. It appears the shops view the plan as Amazon-assisted suicide. Given the apparent terms of the deal, it looks like they may have a point. Amazon may well have done themselves more harm than good with this ploy.

Comment Frustration Is Taking its Toll (Score 2, Interesting) 259

From Shuttleworth on down the line, Canonical is suffering a meltdown from the frustration of failure and loss.

Once the golden boy of the Linux revolution, Shuttleworth himself has devolved in the public eye to a petulant bully. Of course, he has only himself to thank for that, but such is frequently the trajectory of a highly driven personality, when denied the victories, fanfare and spoils they see themselves as deserving.

The Ubuntu project was founded on a "build it and they will come" approach to business. While that may work in the movies, it is a poor business model. In reality, "build it, package it, promote it and support it" are the pillars of success in the commercial world. Having failed to recognize the enormity of that task, Shuttleworth and company led themselves down a garden path, in regard to desktop Linux.

More recently, Canonical has sought to establish a vein of exclusivity in its offerings, at the expense of true Open Source principles. In so doing they have tried to make an end run approach to what Red Hat has done more openly, though recent times have seen suggestions that RH is, now, also taking more liberties with the spirit of "free and open".

Of course, Red Hat took its fair share of abuse when first it abandoned the desktop. Canonical seems headed down the same path, but in a slow, drawn out fashion, guaranteed to prolong the ordeal.

Submission + - Internet Archive Burns (

Rambo Tribble writes: The San Francisco building housing the Internet Archive, and its popular Wayback Machine, has suffered a serious fire. While no archived data was destroyed, materials awaiting archival were. Rebuilding with be a major undertaking, and the group is soliciting donations.

Comment Slashdotters of the world! (Score 1) 53

Do not compromise the integrity of your submissions to pursue the filthy lucre of "success". This is just a ploy to stifle your creative spontaneity by actually suggesting you think first. Clearly, if that were applied to all the content here, this would just be another, run-of-the-mill, tech news site. Yawn. (Really, I think the editors just want less work to do.)

Submission + - Profiling at the Cash Register: Tesco Ad-Bots ( 1

Rambo Tribble writes: The BBC is reporting on a new advertising ploy to be implemented in British-retailer Tesco's gas stations. Using face scanning technology, the system will tailor advertisements, to be displayed on a screen at the counter. For the time being, only age and gender are said to be used in formulating the display's content. Once again, technology and individual rights seem at loggerheads.

Submission + - Iron Your Clothes for Spam (

Rambo Tribble writes: The BBC is reporting on a story from Russia stating that chips are hidden in some clothes irons from China which tap into nearby WiFi networks to launch spam attacks.

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