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Comment A simple analogy (Score 1) 240

The GPL is, really, a lot like water rights. Proprietary software is like water from a well, where the well owner controls access and distribution. Water from the nearby stream is free to all, as with GPLed software, but some collect and haul the water, charging their customers for the convenience of delivery.

Comment Ironic (Score 1) 753

It should be recalled that Firefox, which started as "Phoenix" and then became "Firebird" before becoming FF, was the lightweight, stripped-down, modular alternative to the Mozilla Suite. Do age, feature creep and the consequent bloat eventually make a mockery of all such aspirations for lean code?

Submission + - Cyber crime takedown (

Rambo Tribble writes: The FBI is reporting the arrest of six Estonians in relation to a cyber crime network blamed with netting $14 million. A Russian suspect remains at large. The link is for the BBC's coverage

Comment Her motivations are irrelevant (Score 1) 948

He is a self-righteous, vicious and violent monster who should never have sat on the bench.

I'm reminded of the German judge who acquitted Veit Harlan, the producer/director of the viciously anti-semitic film, Jew Suss, of war crimes related to the production. During the war he had a gypsy woman beheaded for stealing a head scarf during an air raid. The judge should have been in Spandau, not on the bench.

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