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Submission + - Freakonomics Q&A With Bruce Schneier 1

Samrobb writes: In grand /. tradition, the Freakonomics blog solicited reader questions for a Q&A session with Bruce Schneier. Mr. Schneier has responded, and "...his answers are extraordinarily interesting, providing mandatory reading for anyone who uses a computer. He also plainly thinks like an economist: search below for "crime pays" to see his sober assessment of why it's better to earn a living as a security expert than as a computer criminal."
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Sun Enters the Commodity Silicon Business (sun.com)

Samrobb writes: According to Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz, Sun has decided to release its UltraSPARC T2 processor under the GPL. According to Schwartz, "We're announcing the fastest microprocessor we've ever shipped this week — delivering 89.6 Ghz of parallel computing power on a single chip — running standard Java applications and open source OS's. Simultaneously, we've said we're entering the commodity marketplace, and opening the chip up to our competition... To add fuel to the fire, the blueprints for our UltraSPARC T2... the core design files and test suites, will be available to the open source community, via its most popular license: the GPL."

Submission + - RIAA Announces New Campus Lawsuit Strategy

An anonymous reader writes: The RIAA is once again revising their lawsuit strategy, and will now be sending college students and others "pre-lawsuit letters." People will now be able to settle for a discount. How nice.
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Already A Community ready to hack the iPhone

An anonymous reader writes: Less than a week after the iPhone was released, there is already a website that wants to hack it. As it says on the site "Our Goal is to foster a community of Apple iPhone users and developers dedicated to getting the most out of the iPhone. We're on a mission to better the iPhone experience." They also mention that they want to unlock the iPhone so that it can be used on networks other than Cingular, and get to the point where 3rd party applications that are unapproved by Apple can run on the iPhone. I think we've found our "Bad Guys" and only time will tell if they are successful. iFoneResource.com
User Journal

Journal Journal: multi-touch should replace the mouse 6

if multi-touch is as cool as it looks, i would love it if it would replace the mouse. imagine having a better touchpad that gave you multi-touch for your desktop? that would be very cool. a few gestures to shrink the screen and control windows more "intuitively" than the mouse.

Media (Apple)

Submission + - The Apple iPhone and DRM

line-bundle writes: "The New York Times has an interesting article on the iPhone in particular and Digital Rights management in general. The article discusses the limitations imposed by DRM and the fact that in the long run it does not work."

Submission + - Sundance movies to be available on iTunes Store

BeerCat writes: "The BBC is reporting that "The Sundance Film Festival has struck a deal with Apple to allow festival films to be sold through its iTunes store" The film festival, starting 18 January, will allow several (currently 33) of the 71 short films to be made available on the (US) iTunes Store, for the price currently being charged for TV shows and short films ($1.99). This will be in addition to them being available on the Sundance site for streaming. However, it is not intended to allow any of the feature films to be sold this way, as, according to John Cooper of the Sundance Institute, "What Sundance is really known for is as a platform for people to sell their films, and that's mainly the feature film. We didn't want to really interfere with that yet."

Wonder if Apple will make the films available on other iTunes Stores sites other than the US one."

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