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Comment Re:Un-forgeable (Score 1) 235

There are legit reasons to "spoof" the caller number. For example, companies that call out from multiple sources but have one main-office line.
In my case, I have a VOIP line with no incoming #. I previously used my cellphone # for call-display so that people know that it's me calling.

In that case, there should be a single (authoritative) registered phone number. This is something the Telcos need to work out, my sense is it needs to be implemented at the switch level.

Comment Effectiveness of "Do Not Call"? (Score 4, Interesting) 235

I sent my Senator (Mark Warner (D) Virginia), who sits on the relevant committee, a constituent request asking if anything ever happened as a result of filing "Do Not Call" violations. They sent me a Privacy Act form (so they could query the registry using my personal data.)

And that was the end of it. I never heard back.

On a related note, I think the FCC should make Caller ID both required and un-forgeable. (An individual could still choose to not have his Caller ID revealed, and that would be indicated on your Caller ID display.)

Comment Re:Know your camera's write speed! (Score 1) 164

Well, with a faster card, you can copy the data out of the card quicker.

iff the device you're using to copy supports reading the card at a faster speed! I've observed anecdotally, and read many reviews about the (usually poor) quality/speed of most 3rd party flash card readers. (Not an issue on my 2011 MacBook Pro, but it was a consideration using an external reader on my earlier MB Pro.)

Comment Know your camera's write speed! (Score 3, Insightful) 164

There's no point buying a Class 10 card if your camera's write speed is no faster than Class 6. Unfortunately, though, some camera makers don't provide this information, or they make make it hard to find the write speed. Thus you may have to do some web research for your specific camera.

That being said, you'll never complain (after you have bought the card) if your card is faster than your camera.

As a side comment, I think it's better to have 2 16gb cards than a single 32gb card, purely from the perspective of "no single point of failure." My goal on vacation/shoots is to have at least one card unused at the end of the trip. (I learned the hard way what can go wrong when I ran out of cards, erased a card I thought was copied to my computer, and then discovered the backup program saw the erased card and said, "Oh, you didn't want that data after all!" No one to blame but myself for that operator headspace error.)

Comment Re:Counterexample: UNIX/POSIX/Linux (Score 1) 191

Windows used to provide a POSIX facade over its very much non-POSIX world, which is not the same thing as what I mentioned (where the POSIX interfaces are the default/actual system interfaces.)

And with respect to POSIX, there are specific means to determine "conformance" (the term used in the standard.) The word "Compliance" does not appear in the POSIX standards (ISO/IEC 9945.1) The Open Group now runs POSIX certifications, see http://get.posixcertified.ieee.org/docs/POSIX_Certification_Guide.html

Comment Counterexample: UNIX/POSIX/Linux (Score 5, Insightful) 191

Any vendor of a Unix based operating system (including Apple, HP and IBM) should in fairness oppose this motion because they've all been very successful selling systems based on an open API. And that's just one example. I'm sure there are examples from the Graphics/GPU world.

Comment Don't be in a rush (Score 1) 770

I agree with 'buy what you need, when you need it' but also shop wisely. TVs, for example, often go on sale. And then there's sites like Woot or even the Apple Refurb store (I presume Dell, HP, etc have similar sources for factory refurb.) (Most of my computers have come from Apple Refurbs. Those have the same 1 year factory warranty that the original products do, and I use the money saved on a laptop to buy the 2 year AppleCare extended warranty.)

Comment Re:So where is the EEOC on this? (Score 2) 617

Age discrimination is illegal. You can read the law yourself ...

True. Now try to prove it in court. (a) where will you get the money or find a lawyer to take this on a contingency basis? (b) what do you rate your chances of success, absent a smoking gun memo from some C-level exec located (if they've kept the required email archives) after extensive discovery?

Comment Re:job based health care hurts haveing older peopl (Score 1) 617

Mod parent up insightful! Older workers contribute to both direct salary costs and overhead/benefit costs.

Apparently "Obamacare" does contain some provisions for limiting costs based on age of the insured population. But the predicted trend will be for employers to terminate all health insurance and send all their employees to insurance exchanges.

Comment Re:Setting up for iFailure (Score 1, Interesting) 114

And how is this different from the zillions of successful hacks against the dominant Windows world for laptops, or Android world for smartphones? Both of those platforms, widely used, have been successfully hacked.

Seems to me the absence of successful hacks against iOS (given the millions of iPhones/iPads out there) is in many respects prima-facie evidence that it's actualy a hard (harder) platform to hack. The same argument, but with lesser market share, can be made for Mac OS X products.


Comment Re:Doesn't make tech or economic sense (Score 1) 735

Is the core argument the ability to survive an N-day outage in 'survival mode', or is it to show there are alternatives to the always-connected grid? Either way, show me some numbers to back up your argument. If people want me to change, the obligation is on them to show the alternative works better/is more economical.

With respect to fuel, we have natural gas and there's no need to "go get fuel". Otherwise I'd go for a propane generator over a gas/diesel generator.

I actually did some back-of-the-envelope stuff for this for a friend in NJ. She was considering a $2k solar generator, that stored 1250 watt/hours. I pointed out that would provide about 4 hours for her fridge before running out of charge. For $2k she could get a a 7000 watt-hour (gasoline) generator or a 5000 watt natural gas/propane generator.

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