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Ubuntu 9.10 Officially Released 744 writes "The latest version of Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) has been released. Offering numerous enhancements for both desktop and server environments, this release includes notable features like Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud images, the Ubuntu One 'personal cloud,' and Linux kernel version 2.6.31. Please be sure to use a release mirror close to your geographic location to help reduce the stress on Ubuntu's primary servers; using BitTorrent for downloads can help alleviate the load even more. If your organization has adequate network and server resources, please consider hosting a mirror as well."

Comment Hmmm... (Score 1) 705

I saw both District 9 and Moon.

While District 9 is certainly a good movie, it's way over-hyped by fanboyism. Case in point, and lets be honest: the ending to D9 is rather "meh." I consider D9, while entertaining, neither the best Sci-Fi flick nor the best movie of the year, especially since the year's not even over yet.

Moon, on the other hand very much impressed me. I find it a far more replete with "pure" science fiction concepts than D9, which was largely action oriented.

Don't get me wrong though; I'm not here to completely rain on the D9 parade. I really did enjoy the movie, and it is worth seeing. But come on now.

Comment The Hitman Sandbox (Score 3, Funny) 346

In Hitman: Blood Money, on the third or fourth map where you had to infiltrate that mobsters house? Well, one day I just decided to do things a little differently. I went up to the clown guy, clubbed him and took his outfit. Then I stuffed him in his car, planning on coming back to him later. No one saw me, so things were cool. Then enacted my nefarious plan. It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

I walked up to the garbage man. He was just going about his business, with no appreciation for the wonderful gift he had in his possession - the garbage truck, a.k.a. Da Macheen. Da Macheen was mine, would be mine, and I had only one thing standing in my way. I clubbed the garbage man, while in full clown suit, because that's how wanton murder in broad daylight is done, and proceeded to feed Da Macheen his first meal of the day. CRRRUUUNCH. So satisfying. But Da Macheen needed more.

I look across the street, where a woman was tending her lawn. Da Macheen... I wander over, and before long, I had another tribute to Da Macheen. "The Street. Everyone! Feed me EVERYONE!" said Da Macheen. I adjusted my clown nose and position my firey red wig. "It shall be done!" This day, Hell had come to Baker Street...

Comment Re:FROSTY PISS (Score 1) 147

Fuck this open source shit! This just proves that your precious bullshit has vulnerabilities as well.
Slashdot is the haven for FOSS fags.

Jeez Bill, it's really easy to tell when you haven't had *your* coffee in the morning.

Comment Re:Fallout 3 (Score 1) 109

Your opinion of fallout, far cry 2 and left 4 dead is largely right along with how I felt about them. I haven't played RA3, and really don't plan to; dawn of war is still my rts of choice lately. I've been wondering about mirror's edge, but because of your review, I'm now greatly looking forward to it.
So Thanks.


Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Drawing Near 331

daria42 writes "Ubuntu developers are finalizing preparations for the release of the next version — dubbed Feisty Fawn — of the popular Linux distribution in mid-April. Overnight, Ubuntu developer Tollef Fog Heen announced Ubuntu's main software repository had been frozen — with no changes allowed to the code — as developers got ready to issue a fifth major test version ("Herd 5") of the next version of Ubuntu."

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