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Comment Re:Shocking? (Score 1) 436

But then Congress would have to have balls to take responsibility for the actions they endorsed.

Congress has to take the PATRIOT ACT away, the President can't just give it up. They have to be MADE to run the show.... Precisely because they WON'T step up and do it.

Comment Re:Apple console? (Score 2) 191

Not really. The current Apple TV has as much horsepower as an iPhone 4. When they bump that to A5 processor, it will easily be as powerful as xbox360 right now for $99 instead of $199+. 720p isn't much of a stretch versus iPhone 5 resolution right now.

The trick is working in some controller model that doesn't bounce the price too high. Ideally most people will use iPhones or iPod Touch over Bluetooth. They need some basic multi-axis controller that mimics an iPhone for about $20. (Even wii isn't that cheap) and they need it to mimic what existing games do for comntrols seamlessly...

He's totally right that Apple could release iPhone/iPad games on Apple TV tomorrow... Units, software, channel, developers are all in place... Apple just hasn't figured out how to do it GREAT yet.

Comment Re:I've Seen Touch Screens For Years (Score 1) 913

But Microsoft has been selling a Tablet PC version of Windows since XP. So if I wanted a tablet, it has been available for a long time. The problem is that Microsoft never made their tablet software not suck. Using a pointy stick instead of a mouse is not "talent computing". Microsoft had a few really killer apps like One Note... But almost all required "right mouse buttons" to be useful... So by the time you create a pen tablet with high enough resolution to hit 10px square GUI elenents, and a stylus with pressure left and right mouse buttons... You're adding $100's to a PC with no actual SOFTWARE UPGRADES.

For windows 8 MS went the other direction and pulled the rug out from under the software people... But they didn't offer any good reason to do that for the regular joe. Apple took a long time to teach their customers to use iOS products. iPhone didn't have any third party apps at all.... And iPad took 4 more years before people were begging for it... Microsoft was expecting to throw their own spin into the mix in just a few months of exposure. That was totally unreasonable to expect the CUSTOMERS of PCs to react that quickly.

Comment Re:And the rich get richer (Score 1) 735

I totally agree. SW is really Historical Fiction not Science Fiction. You don't need somebody to "reimagine" the series... You need somebody good at working with the ARMY of Star Wars experts at George's own company that didn't get consulted on how things should work the last time around... Not to mention the truckload of boxes of continuity work done by Lucasfilm Licensing.

Star Wars is about big acting. Big cinema. I think you would want the stilted classic acting... Ten Commandments or Lawrence of Arabia... Which means whoever directs needs to be a heavily PEOPLE -BASED director... Plenty of other people can handle the sci-fi work and have been doing it for decades.

Comment Re:Can't we get somebody with a proven track recor (Score 1) 735

More importantly Firefly felt like Star Wars should feel. People farm crops, and then sell them to passing spaceships... totally how the SW universe is. I'd even nix the laser blasters and go back to corded lightswords... To keep the old-time feel.

My main complaint is that SW was all about myth-building.... Right up until GL decides to throw the carefully managed collective myth out the window. I suppose hiring JJ Abrams is a great idea because he never FINISHED one single mythology in a satisfying manner.

Comment Re:No more time travel! (Score 1) 735

Time travel doesn't exist in the Star Wars universe. The closest you get are Holocrons and Jedi/Sith spirits connecting to the past. Where Star Trek is "wagon train to the stars" Star Wars was intended to be "historical fiction". The whole story makes sense if you take out all the sci-fi elements.

Comment Re:Hiring Kim Dotcom! (Score 1) 377

But the FEDERAL law specifically is in play. In fact, the USA has an internal restriction on the very same type of rules between states.

A better example of this situation would be if the state of Iowa banned gambling, and banned your ATM card from working at casinos in Las Vegas..... And if you did manage to gamble legally in Vegas you were thrown in jail when you got home. Tracking said banking transactions. The only comparable situation where states break the Interstate Commerce Clause are some of the anti-abortion laws.

Comment Re:sigh (Score 1) 620

The real problem is that SCOTUS can't actually DO anything to PREVENT this. They can only tell the government to stop doing something... After years and years of court cases.

The cops can bust your shit up, and throw a bunch of false charges at you... You'll blow thousands of dollars on lawyers, maybe plead to some misdemeanor only to have the real charges thrown out. Law abiding men can't be ruled... Law has become like the Catholic church... They can make any action a sin... Or make your motive for doing a good thing a sin.

Nobody will stand up and call Bullshit, when an "officer believes" they can creatively write up these events. It used to be called LYING... and lying was INTENT to commit other crimes. Now they get to go "Claude Frollo" and get away with it.

Comment Zorg runs Linux! (Score 4, Funny) 272

It's the Replay function of the ZF-1!

Voilà, the ZF.1. It's light, handle's adjustable for easy carrying, good for righties and lefties, breaks down into four parts, undetectable by x-ray, ideal for quick discreet interventions. A word on firepower, titanium recharger, 3,000 round clip with bursts of 3 to 300, with a Replay button--another Zorg invention--it's even easier. One shot and Replay sends every following shot to the same location. And, to finish the job, all the Zorg oldies but goldies: rocket launcher; arrow launcher, with exploding or poisonous gas heads; our famous net launcher; and, the always efficient flame thrower--my favorite; and, for the grand finale, the all new Ice Cube System.

Comment Re:The Relativity of Wrong (Score 1) 265

FTFA: Aristotle wasn't a bad scientist... In his world, he already HAD the answer to why the Apple fell on his head.. Because the Apple HAD to fall so another Apple could grow. That that Apple "wouldn't" go to the ground wasn't an interesting QUESTION.

Newton asked the right question, and was in the position to get a useful answer (time, money, availability of experiments..) Newton worked really well until Einstein, Bohr, Edison, and Heisenberg came along. In fact it wasn't Einstein that made the next big step, it was Fermi and the scientists on the Manhattan Project that made the next big step when they ran an experiment that proved what the "E" in "E= mc^2" was all about, something visible that tied he math to a picture in every bodies mind... Even Elementary school kids are taught the basics of how nuclear reactions work on TV now.

Comment Re:Kuhn Paradigms (Score 1) 265

But in your example, that was the "Day" Rome fell. That's the day parents told their grandchildren about while living in a world with no Roman guards to keep away the thugs. Kids born after that day would never see a Roman Emperor and Roman Legion... They were just stories... The ABILITY of the people to come, to understand HOW to make men into a Roman Legion was lost... In that one day it went from FACT to History.

It's not necessarily the specific discovery, but the turning point, the household invention, that changes how every single child to come thinks when their brains still cooking.

Comment Re:Kuhn Paradigms (Score 1) 265

What he's really saying is that we THINK differently at each stage. Galileo changed the idea that things moved around the Earth... AND the pattern repeated all over. Then Heisenberg came along and shook everything up with the idea small things just pretended to follow the old rules but really sort of "appeared" but weren't in the place between A and B. It's not that thing were wrong, it's singular moments when you climb to the top of a Mountian... Or when Apollo astronauts turned around and took a picture of the WHOLE EARTH for the first time.

We live in a world where every pre-school child has seen the "Blue Marble" photo on Barney. That picture didn't EXIST when our parents were kids. 1,000 years of arguing resolved with one single image. And it's not just that we have the picture.. We sent men out into space and TOOK that picture. Men have sent machines to the all the planets in the solar system now. The entire situation wasn't conceivable in 1950.

Other sciences will have their day. In Biology DNA was the "highest peak" but we haven't quite figured out what question we're supposed to be asking yet to understand what we see. Let alone what to do with it...

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