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Comment Re:Enablers (Score 2) 377

if they need to do reports or actual homework, they always have the parent's computer. but how much time do teens really spend "doing homework" versus being on Facebook and other stuff. .. if that breaks it's their problem until dad has the time to fix it. Waiting for their stuff to be fixed is good education!

Comment Re:The Risk of playing Microtransaction-based game (Score 3, Interesting) 377

I believe the point is that adding $15 to an MMO is pocket change if an average person making $15 per hour plays the game more than a few hours a week. The "cost of time" to play the game (versus doing something else) is way more than $15 per month for many players.

Comment Re:For me, the iPad killed the netbook (Score 1) 336

Because once they started selling Windows, they stopped including Linux friendly hardware... Heck, many Netbooks were shipped with a Linux version that didn't include all the machine drivers needed.

Netbooks were primarily cheap boxes for hobbyists. Without loading Windows, it took being a Linux fan to even get one to a "useful" point.

Comment Re:For me, the iPad killed the netbook (Score 1) 336

The main problem was that "Linux" wasn't ready. OEMs wanted "cheap" and wouldn't pay the smallest bit for support from an established Distro or pay attention to make sure the shipping hardware was even supported by the "Linux OS" they put on. There was no Android out there, and nobody to MARKET IT that Microsoft couldn't bully. So pretty much specs were under 2GB of RAM because Intel and Microsoft wanted it that way, other advances weren't " quite ready" for Netbooks to use. "Linux" wasn't DRIVING the hardware. Compare to now, and how pushing ARM hardware to make ANDROID go better is now driving the chip designers choices.

The netbook era was really when the current Microsoft Surface should have been released.. The inability of Microsoft and Intel to capture that opportunity is what set up the pieces for Google and Apple to create a market with new hardware.

Comment Re:No Vision (Score 1) 336

That was squarely Intel AND Microsoft ganging up to kill the netbook market segment.

They deliberately gimp'd the hardware specs to cut out more than 2 GB RAM, and made things like 64-bit cost just as much as cheap laptops. Take a look at Wikipedia. Atom "could have been" dominant but Intel didn't want to SELL it in that market. They ganged up with Microsoft that was suffering Vista being obsolete on arrival... So Microsoft had to keep XP alive to offer anything on the platform.

The defining thing is that Google Chrome never really took of (and its still a toy OS at best). The Google Android / Chrome thing was just figuring out what it wanted to be at that point. And OEMS wouldn't go to an EXPERIENCED Linux vendor like Suse or Ubuntu either so all the products were half-baked at best.

The real take-away legacy of Netbooks is that the movement really proved neither Intel nor Microsoft were capable of driving computing smaller. Intel also sold of its very promising XScale ARM business unit off completely at this same time. Microsoft's XP tablet edition (6 years old at that point) was unusable on these and Vista was even LESS suited. The whole thing left enough "blood in the water" for OEMS to take Android seriously... The utter failure of "tiny Windows computers" also paved the way for Apple to keep pumping up iPhone, and then release iPad to an "empty" market ripe for picking.

Comment Re:College (Score 1) 433

They seem to be well regarded in Michigan (at least) as a career school. You won't be taken seriously by "software companies" but there are a lot of enterprise jobs around the auto industry where employers value "work ethic" almost to distrust of those "fancy degrees".

They have plenty of online classes.. If you are REALLY coursed (I.e. no kids yet) you can pack a lot of credits in (online, summer, etc). they are more popular for their at-nite MBA programs once you get that BS degree finished.. At that point you are somebody with 10 years experience and the degree is just to get you past HR... Especially when you want to move up.

Comment Re:Tax avoidance (Score 1) 592

What you miss is that the quintile is not at 20, 40, 60%... They are at more like 25%, 75%, 90%, 95%. The quintile used divides by slice of pie... So taxes from 100's millions at the bottom equal the amount the 1% pays. That's why the 1% is taxed at 15% for capital gains.. (The vast majority of the top 5% doesnt even get "wages", they are living off interest) While the middle is taxed at 28% on wages.

Comment Re:Tax avoidance (Score 1) 592

The government has to turn this around... It's an awfully nice corporate property you got there Steve... I'd be ashame if the angry mobs visited...

A disproportionate amount of people are in prison for "property" crimes. Because crimes that affect PROFITS are punished more harshly than crimes that affect people. That's why murdering, raping and such go free in less time than drugs ... Drugs add liability to the system, and that reduces profits and increases costs. Don't forget all the crazy laws affecting robbing Banks. (Unless you own said bank) Raping and murdering doesn't really affect corporations, so they don't lobby for much more punishment.

Comment Re:Tax avoidance (Score 1) 592

Except individual offices all pay their share of employment taxes, property taxes, and sales taxes for their location... That's what pays for those things, and why local over menus in the US shouldn't give them up.

Income tax is easy to move around. That's why Michigan went to a VAT-based business tax for so any years... Effectively taxing the increase in property value of the parts that went in versus what went out at each factory.. It kept companies from claiming manufacturing "below costs" in one state while the mother ship in Nevada claimed the retail price but didn't pay taxes. Facebook doesn't have a physical place you can pin physical value at, so it's difficult to tax that way.

You could claim Facebook uses Internet that was created by the government as a type of "roads" the government provides. But even then, that backfires because all "last mile" connections are privately owned by companies... They were subsidized but those subsidies work AGAINST the common people. If you tried to tax access it would just provide more corporate control over the little people at the ends.

Comment Re:A real shame (Score 1) 278

"But who's literally lacking in basic civility then?"

And THAT is the question I'm interested in. So they are medeval hicks, WE KNOW they are medeval hicks and that's no excuse to antagonize them. Especially when the video in question is some obscure piece that was created just to antagonize them.

A child does whatever he thinks he can no matter how it affects others, a wise man considers what his actions might do and contains himself if other people would be ill affected.

Comment Re:Not my words (Score 3, Insightful) 97

Microsoft has a near monopoly on Business servers.... Swingline sells a lot of Red Staplers too. Smead sells a lot of hanging file folders. 3M sells a lot of stickie squares.... Lots of companies have very profitable, near monopolies... But they aren't interesting to Wall Street anymore.

Microsoft has sold just about as many copies of Windows as they can.. On every possible platform. The only place they GROW is in XBox living room machines... But that's a really crowded market that the players are just taking different sizes of pie.... There's NO NEW PIE being created. Apple and Google and Amazon are creating new KINDS of pie ... Microsoft isn't.

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